In celebration of the Language Month, Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. announces its Ruab para sa Aking Parabasa, a benefit run for young readers on August 25, 2013. The event will start at 5:30 in morning at the Plaza Quezon in Naga City.

The activity aims to share books in Bikol languages in select public elementary and secondary schools in the province. Registration fee is P50 for 5KM distance and P100 for 10KM distance. The organization also accepts donations from those who could not participate in the fun run.

Donors have a wide variety of Bikoliana books to choose from such as Osipon sa Tolong Taramon: the Oral Folk Narratives of Partido (NCCA, 2013) by Lourdes Lobis-Nieva; Hagong: mga Osipon (ADNU Press, 2012) edited by Paz Verdades M. Santos and H. Francisco V. Peñones; Daratangan na Olay: Bicol-English-Tagalog Dictionary (Other Options Promotions, 2012) by Jerry E. Adrados; Antabay sa Ortograpiya nin Bikol Sentral (Parasurat Bikolnon, 2012) by Irvin P. Sto. Tomas; The First Peñafrancia in Bikol (2009) and An Sadit na Prinsipe translated by Wilmer Joseph S. Tria (Ina nin Bikol Foundation, 2011); An Tambobong Sa Literaturang Bikolnon: mga Awit para sa Ina edited by Irvin P. Sto. Tomas, Jerome M. Hipolito et. al. (BikolianA, 2011); Sagurong: 100 na Kontemporanyong Rawitdawit (DLSU Press, 2011) edited by Paz Verdades M. Santos and Kristian Sendon Cordero; An Poon kan Pili asin iba pang osipon pan-aki (Ina nin Bikol Foundation, 2011) edited by H. Francisco V. Peñones; Canaman: Girà kan Banwaan (2009) by Ireneo C. Sto. Tomas; Si Miriam asin an saiyang Samhod, Panlampaso, Pantrapo asin an Panhakbot nin Ati (2010) by Carlos A. Arejola and Johannsus O. Botor II; and Yudi Man: Mga Osipon para ki Nunuy asin ki Nini (NCCA, 2009) edited by Carlos A. Arejola and Lorna A. Billanes.

Aking Parabasa is an advocacy of Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. which promotes the habit of reading and the use of local languages among children.

To register for the event or to make a donation, contact project lead Irvin Sto. Tomas at 09166459833/09199874897 or the organization’s president Marissa Redburn at 09175231640. For more details, visit its Facebook event at