Lorenzo is a contemporary opera about a condemned Filipino awaiting execution in the Middle East for having murdered his employer. Music by Ryan Cayabyab; Book & Lyrics by Paul Dumol & Christian Vallez; and Directed by Nonon Padilla

A reporter from Manila is sent there to cover the case. She finds him in prison planning out a theater productionbased on the life of the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz. 

In the past,the condemned Pinoy had once been active in theater groups in Manila. To help him cope with his depression he now proceeds to write a play.

The musical-opera narrates the strange events of Lorenzo Ruiz, a parish assistant in the Church of Binondo, He finds himself a fugitive from the law, having killed a Spaniard. The parish priest helps him escape and accidentally joins a group of merchants enroute to Japan. In Japan Lorenzo is pursued by malas. He finds himself among a group of missionaries.

The opera focuses on the physical odyssey to escape the law. The trip deepens into an inner journey of two Pinoys, one from history, another a contemporary living the life of a vagabond OFW, overcoming mental anguish and spiritual turmoil, as they both help each other question the nature of fate, one’s faith, and the real meaning of love. The opera is an intense and provocative examination of today’s issues regarding exile and its myriad consequences, and the deeper questions of what it really takes to become or BE a FILIPINO.