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Is Creative Writing a good take for an undergraduate degree? What about as a high school "major"? Three real-life students from the Philippine High School for the Arts answer.


By Aika Riguera

Faced with this question, a creative writing major at a prestigious arts school might feel an uncomfortable twinge in her chest. After all, one would like to think that the late nights spent wading through seas of critical analyses and assigned stories are all endured in pursuit of some kind of sparkling, grandiose purpose: sadly, this is not always the case.

The reality is many writers who have achieved blockbuster success for their works did not need to pick up more than one critical essay or even write a graded short story, during their high school years. J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter began to write by the time she had become a mother, and Stephenie Meyer had a full-fledged family by the time she sat down and began to type out the first two pages of the Twilight Saga. On the other hand, how many PHSA creative writing graduates have made so much as the national bestseller list? Next to none.