Ateneo de Naga professor Kristian Sendon Cordero has recently received a grant to translate a selection from the poetry collection of the acclaimed Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges into Bikol and Filipino languages. This was relayed through an official correspondence by Diego Lorenzo, the project coordinator of Programa Sur, a program by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Y Culto of the Republic of Argentina. The Program was launched as a result of the commitment made by the Argentine Government to promote the translation of works by Argentine authors so as to encourage their printing in foreign languages and to disseminate Argentina’s imagery, ideas and values abroad. Since it was created the Program has awarded more than 400 works translated to 34 languages. A selection committee made up of university specialists on Argentine literature Noé Jitrik and Mario Goloboff, the Director of the National Library Mr. Horacio González, well-known literary critic Ms Silvia Hopenhayn, the member of the Fundación El Libro, Mr. Carlos Pazos, and the Director of Cultural Affairs Ambassador Magdalena Faillace, select the works to be translated from among those presented and assigns a certain amount of money to each one, according to its characteristics.

In an essay on the Argentine writer, which appeared in the website of Poetry Foundation (, Borges is considered as Argentina’s foremost and most influential writer because of his “strong influence on the direction of literary fiction through his genre-bending meta-fictions, essays, and poetry. Borges was a founder, and principal practitioner, of postmodernist literature, a movement in which literature distances itself from life situations in favor of reflection on the creative process and critical self-examination. Widely read and profoundly erudite, Borges was a polymath who could discourse on the great literature of Europe and America and who assisted his translators as they brought his work into different languages.”

Cordero, meanwhile is considered as the enfant terrible of Bikol contemporary literature has also translated the poetry of Rainier Maria Rilke in 2011, “Minatubod Ako Sa Diklom” (I Have Faith in the Night) which was published by Ateneo de Naga University Press, the same publishing house which will published the Bikol and Filipino Translation of Borges. Earlier this year he has published his three books of literary essays and poetry: “The Naga We Know” (Anvil) which he co-edited with Bikol literary critic Paz Verdades Santos, “Canticos: Apat Na Boses” (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House) and “Labi” (Ateneo de Manila University Press). He is a founding member of Burikbutikan Artists Collective and a board member of Philippine PEN International.