Aklat Ani sa Legaspi: Bikol book fair scheduled for February


More than 500 book titles. All Bikol books: 1) in Bikol, 2) about Kabikolan, &/or 3) by Bikolnon authors. Meet and get to know the authors. No speeches. But roses there will be, and awit, arak, rawitdawit, baduya.

Duwang aldaw: Byernes ag Sabado, 21, 22 Febrero. Darahon sadiring aklat, ipapabakal ta, noy. An Museo nasa likod kan balay lunsod sa Plasa Penaranda, Dalan Rizal, dyan sa Albay Gurang, Lunsod Legazpi. Mga aklat Bikol ipapabakal na palugi. 

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/579921532061931/584856754901742/?comment_id=584862691567815&notif_t=event_mall_comment

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