The College of Arts and Letters Student Council, in cooperation with UP UGAT and UP Writers Club, invites you to…

“Press UP!”: Journalism and Literary Skills Training

FEB 11, 2014
4-5PM | News writing | Speaker: Victor Gregor Limon, Assoc Editor, Philippine Collegian 
5-6PM | Editorial Writing | Speaker: Kenneth Guda, Editor and Writer, Pinoy Weekly

FEB 12, 2014
4-5PM | Feature Writing | Jake Fabonan, Former Senior Executive Producer, DZUP
5-6PM | Photography | Jiru Rada, Former Photographer, Philippine Collegian 

FEB 13, 2014
4-5PM | Lay-out and Copyreading | Kel Almazan, Layout Editor, Philippine Collegian
5-6PM | Illustration | Rosette Abogado, Illustrator, Philippine Collegian
6-7PM | Flash Fiction | Up Ugat

FEB 14, 2014
4-5PM | Poetry | Zeny May Dy Recidoro, UP Writers Club
5-6PM | Creative Nonfiction | Vanessa Gregorio, President, UP Writers Club 

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