We’re using CANVAS STORIES, our Facebook app, again to showcase artworks designed to inspire new stories.  This time, we’re looking for stories (or poems or musings or random thoughts, really) that build on the theme: IF TREES COULD TALK…

The rules are simple:

  • Between now (August 25) and September 9, take our app (www.canvasstories.com) for a spin, and submit 3-sentence stories for any, some, or all of the artworks.
  • We will choose the three stories we like best from all the entries submitted. The writers of the three selected stories will each get P3,000.
  • Entries may be in English or Filipino, and you may submit as many entries as you wish.

For more details, check out our FAQs, and our Terms and Rules.

Log on now to www.canvasstories.com to unlock the stories with your imagination. We look forward to reading your 3-sentence answer to the question: IF TREES COULD TALK, what would they tell us?