The History Department,in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Studies Department of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), will hold a seminar-workshop entitled HISTORY AS A WISDOM AND CITIZENSHIP COURSE: Approaches to Teaching History in the K to 12 Curriculum. The activity for Social Studies and History teachers will run from May 14 to 16, 2015 at the Telengtan Hall, University of Asia and the Pacific Campus, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Complex, Pasig City.

The objectives of the seminar-workshop are the following:

1. To help the participants understand the relevance of History as a wisdom and citizenship course;
2. To demonstrate how to make use of specific topics in history to teach citizenship;
3. To share with the participants some best practices concerning teaching approaches and assessment tools in Social Studies; and,
4. To give participants an idea of the skills that students can learn through the study of History, such as critical thinking and the ability to integrate various components of history that helped shape our world today.

The lecture speakers include: Dr. Clement Camposano, former Chairman and current Board Member of the Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED); and Dr. Ernesto Grio, Director for Academic Standards at Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF) and current Chairman of the Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED), among others.

The conference fee is P2,500. The fee covers manuals, meals, and certificates for the three-day activity. Aside from the main lectures, there will also be workshop sessions in which the participants will read and discuss relevant primary sources concerning World History. They will likewise talk about complementary teaching methods and assessment tools that can be used to teach students both Wisdom and Citizenship through history courses. Members of the UA&P History and Asia Pacific Studies Departments will moderate these workshop sessions.

Please feel free to contact us at the following: (Telephone) +63 2 637-0912 loc. 277 to 278, (Fax) 637 0912 loc. 369, or (e-mail) or Please visit our website and Facebook page for registration information and other additional concerns at