Mt Cloud Bookshop with the 54th National UP Writers Workshop, Hill Station, and Cafe By The Ruins present:

Summer Poetry Slam 2015

3rd: Mt Cloud Bookshop Shirt
Yagam GC for coffee and tapuy
Likhaan Journal

2nd: 200php Mt Cloud Gift Cert
Hill Station Gift Cert
Poetry Book from BWG
Likhaan Journal

1st: 300php Mt Cloud Gift Cert
Cafe by the Ruins Dua Gift Cert
Poetry CD from BWG
Likhaan Journal
Cash prize from UPNWW

Mechanics for this year’s Slam:
Round 1:
Competing poets will perform a poem from a selection provided. Round 1 is purely based on the poet’s PERFORMANCE.

Round 2: Poets who make it to this round will perform an original piece. This round will be judged based on poem’s content, poet’s performance and impact.

Round 3: The judges will give the remaining poets a theme and 10 minutes in isolation to write a poem on the theme. They will be called in one by one to perform their fresh piece. This round will be judged on how well their original poem captures the theme, and on performance and on impact.