Mapúa Tekno Teatro, the official performing group for theatre of the Mapua Institute of Technology, will be having its DRAMAFEST 8, a play festival consists of three different plays originally written and directed by the members of the group, for the school year 2014-2015, 4th term on June 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2015, to be mounted at Seminar Room, Mapua Campus Intramuros. The shows are a PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN basis.    

These are the synopsis of the play for Dramafest8

Soul Sourching 
Written by: Anggoy Jalla 
Directed by: Haggeo Perez

The “Lost&Found Haven” is a (fictional) place that people go to whenever they feel lost, need answers, or do soul searching. Some went home victorious and some failed for some reasons. 
Ellen went to the Haven to figure out what she really wanted to do in her life. Would she be able to find it or end up as lost as ever?

Ang Simulain ni Deokles 
Written by: Julio Garcia & Kayehl Dedeles
Directed by: Rachelle Gimpes

This play is not a musical but a play with music. It follows the story of Gilas, Ora and Deokles, the Guardians of the afterlife, as they guide the souls to be reincarnated. Deokles reads the verdict given to the souls, whilst Gilas and Ora lead them ‘down’ or ‘up’. Each souls are given another chance to live again, but their existence depends on how they lived their past life; some comes back as wealthy elites, others as low as cockroaches. Every goodwill shared counted, every sin and malice accounted. Let your soul be weighed, and be guided by the Guardians of the afterlife. You now have a hint of what you were and what you will be.

Written by: Jessica Namujhe 
Directed by: Orley Abaday

A person who wasn’t given the chance to be heard, considered as world’s enemy no.1 and was always looked down by other people faces a challenge in his life. He finds himself trying to help a person to commit a suicide attempt. Before he even knew it, he was caught in the middle of an argument where they weigh which is wrong and which is right. Who will emerge as the victor of this argument? Will his side finally be heard?

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