The Senior Citizen Committee of MTRCB will sponsor a scriptwriting contest dealing with the theme of empowering senior citizens. Since the committee’s main concern is the image of Filipino senior citizens in film and on television, launching the said scriptwriting contest may help improve this image as well as show how senior citizens, being aware of their rights as individuals and as members of family and of society, can empower themselves and others. However, the story, for the purpose of marketability, may revolve around young people as the main characters, whose life is closely intertwined with the elderly, with their significance of the elderly underlined.

The full-length screenplay may later be produced as film or as movie for television.

Qualified contestants:
1. Any Filipino citizen, aged 18 and above, residing in the Philippines, may join the contest.
2. No employee or Board Member of the MTRCB, including their immediate family members or relatives to the second degree may join the contest (spouse, children, parents, first cousins, sister, brother, sister- and brother-in-law).

Submission of entries:
1. A contestant may submit only one entry each of a full-length screenplay on the theme of empowering senior citizens, not to exceed two (2) hours.
2. The entry should be written in spoken Filipino (Taglish allowed), double-spaced, clean and legible, on 8½” x 11” bond paper, and with one-inch margin on all sides.
3. Entries must not bear neither the author’s real name nor a pen name on any page, only the title of the full-length screenplay.
4. Instead of a pen name, the entries will be numbered.
5. Entries must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit that states that the script is original and owned by the contestant, and has never been published or produced in film or on television nor has it been previously awarded in any contest. It should not have been or should not be submitted to another contest of more or less the same period of time.
6. Enclosed in a sealed envelope, accompanying the affidavit, is the title of the screenplay, the author’s real name, address, contact numbers, and a three- to five-sentence biodata.
7. Entries may be submitted in person at the MTRCB office on 18 Timog Ave., Quezon City, and must have one (1) hard copy. Entries may also be snail-mailed or couriered, with the postmark honoring the deadline. They may also be submitted online, with the notarized affidavit scanned and sent as an image attachment, while the information on the author should be in a Word.doc file separate from that of the screenplay, with both also sent as attachments. Online submissions may be emailed to [email protected] Deadline for submission is at 5 pm, on Thursday, July 30, 2015.
8. Copyright shall be retained by the writer. 
9. Three winners shall be awarded: P30,000 for 1st Prize; P20,000 for 2nd Prize; and P10,000 for 3rd Prize. The winners will be announced sometime in September, with the awarding ceremony taking place in October 2015.