Kasingkasing Press will launch two books on April 30, 3:00 P.M, during the Produkto Lokal Fair at the Yusay-Consing Mansion (in front of Molo Church), Locsin Street, Molo, Iloilo City.

Mansyon by Agnes Españo-Dimzon is a collection of creative non-fiction in Hiligaynon. The essays are recordings of the author’s various personal experiences. The collection is a precursor as it is by far the only book in creative non-fiction published in Hiligaynon. Espano-Dimzon has attended regional and national writing workshops. She was a former teacher of the Iloilo National High School Special School for the Arts.

Repentances and Rehabilitations by Alain Russ Dimzon is a compilation of the author’s published earlier poems in English. Merlie M. Alunan, in her preface, describes the collection as a trip to the “jungles of the claustrophobic psyche” as the poems take the readers “through… dark, chartless, narrow spaces of sensibility” and to “a netherworld of darkness where even breathing is painful and the eyes search in vain for brightness.” Dimzon’s poems have appeared in national anthologies and magazines. A Palanca awardee for the short story in Hiligaynon, Dimzon was given the Gawad Emmanuel Lacaba (Best New Writer in Hiligaynon) by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 2000.

Special guests during the launching are Palanca Hall of Famer Leoncio P. Deriada, Alice Tan Gonzales and award winning writer and critique John Iremil E. Teodoro.

April 30, 2016
1. Repentances and Rehabilitations poem by Alain Russ Dimzon
2. Mansyon Creative Non-Fiction in Hiligaynon by Agnes Españo-Dimzon

May 16, 2016
1. Prinsesa ng Palawan Poems by John Iremil E. Teodoro
2. Faces, Phases, Places Essays by Maria Dulce Deriada

July 21, 2016
1. Mga Pabula ni Aesop sa Aklanon Translation by Melchor F. Cichon
2. Mga Tingog sa Iya Alagyan Lyrics by Alain Russ Dimzon
3. Abril kag Mayo Poems in Kinaray-a and Hiligaynon by Norman T. Darap