Victor Emmanuel Daelo Carmelo Nadera Jr. aka Vim Nadera is a Professor 3 from the University of the Philippines Diliman on secondment as the Director IV of the Philippine High School for the Arts.
Together with his wife Ellay, he founded the Foundation AWIT (Advancing Wellness, Instruction, and Talents) Inc. in 2008 after their four-year old son Awit, who had Global Developmental Delay, succumbed to pneumonia.
After taking his B.S. and M.A. in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas, he became an expressive arts therapist to cancer survivors, persons with AIDS (PWD), drug patients, “comfort women,” streetkids, as well as victims of abuse, calamities, and grief.
It became instrumental in coming up with what was believed to be “the Asia’s first expressive arts workshop” — at the National Arts Center in 1995.
After a year, his satire Sens Op Tyumor (1996) wherein victims became victors as actors was staged at Insular Life Auditorium.
Since the turn of the millennium, he had been conducting poetry therapy sessions with Persons With AIDS (PWA) at the Bahay Lingap of the San Lazaro Hospital.
In cooperation with Citizens’ Drug Watch, he did the same for the National Bureau of Investigation Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Tagaytay City.
He had given expressive arts workshops at the Stairway Foundation in Puerto Galera, Mindoro for their N.C.C.A.-funded performance poetry production Hikbi/Hibik ng Lansangan from 2000 to 2001. Philippine Society of Oncology (PSO) supported his tour around with visual artist, Wilson Ma, in its outreach program called Three Ps (or Poetry, Painting, Photography) in private and government hospitals inside and out of Metro Manila. During the PSO’s 50th anniversary on 11 September 2014, he was honored with the Community Service Award for conducting poetry workshops in different cancer wards.
A former commissioner of UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines’s Culture Committee, he is a member of the Commission on Higher Education’s Technical Committee on Literature and the Philippine Center for Gifted Education’s Board of Directors.
As part of the NCCA Committee on Literary Arts, he was chosen to defend its choice for the controversial National Artists Award in 2009.
His other projects include the text-a-poem contests such as Textanaga (2003), Dalitext (2003), Dionatext (2004), and Textsawikain (2005). He also initiated the first student literary conference called Panitikabataan. During his term, Likhaan: A Journal of Contemporary Philippine Literature and the Gawad Likhaan: The U.P. Centennial Literary Awards came into being. The portal to Philippine literature is his brainchild too like Pistang Panitik or Literary Fiesta which coincides with the annual Manila International Book Fair since 2006. For three years, he had been the proponent of Pagpupugay sa mga Pambansang Alagad ng Sining.
Every Tuesday he had been handling since 2004 Conspiwriters’ Tuesdays at the Conspiracy Garden Café while every last Monday of the month he had been hosting since 2008 O.M.G. (Open Mic Gig) at the Mag:Net Gallery in Katipunan where its owner, Rock Drilon, allowed his installation called State of Emergency when he opened it on 13 March 2006 by staying frozen inside its Poets’ Alcove for hours.
On 10 Mar 2006, after his lecture called Abadillismo he launched a compact disc he produced entitled Kaakuhan in honor of Alejandro G. Abadilla, which can be divided into Mga Tula ni AGA and Mga Tula kay AGA.
Fr. Robert Reyes invited him in 2007 to train Overseas Filipino Workers to become “histourist guides” in the so-called Jose Rizal Trail in a project known as Lakbay Dangal.
In 2009, he helped conceptualize and organize Word Jam and the Literary Zone during the yearly Pasinaya at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. As a fund-raising campaign for both Ondoy and Pepeng victims, Vim gathered literary artists together for Dilang-Anghel part of the CCP’s SagipSining initiative that very year too.
Vim was recognized internationally when he became a South East Asia Write Awardee (2006) as well as nationally when he was chosen as one of The Outstanding Young Men (2003) and recipient of the Gawad Balagtas (1998) from the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino. In Manila, he twice received the Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan — for Theater (2014) and for Literature (2010). He was selected as Natatanging Anak ng Quezon (2003) and Natatanging Anak ng Tayabas (2006).
At UST, he received the TOTAL or The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni Award (2007); 80th College of Science Anniversary Jubilee Achievement Award (2007); Fr. Angel de Blas Outstanding Achievement Award (2004); Cum laude, Master of Arts in Psychology (1996); Ten Outstanding Thomasian Writers (1995); Rector’s Faculty Development Grant (1994); and Varsitarian Scholarship (1983-1986).
UP granted him the Artist I, UP Arts Productivity System (2013-2016 and 2009-2012); 27th Anniversary College of Arts and Letters Service Award (2010); U.P.Centennial Publications for [H]ISTORYADOR[A] (2008); U.P.Centennial Publications for Mujer Indigena (2008); U.P. Centennial Publications for Aklat Likhaan (2008); U.P. Portfolio Professorial Chair (2005); Federico Alcuaz Professorial Chair Award (2004); Gawad Chanselor as Outstanding Artist (2004, 2003, 2002, and 1999); Natatanging Publikasyon sa Filipino Award (2002); Leopoldo Yabes Award as Outstanding Assistant Professor (2001); Creative Work and Research Scholarship Fund (2000); and Nancy Sena Faculty Grant (2000).
Quezon National High School gave him the Dangal ng Quezon High during 110th Quezon National High School Founding Anniversary and Grand Alumni Homecoming (2012) and the honor to be its graduation speaker last 27 March 2015.
As a poet, he became the youngest Poet of the Year (1985) who also won the National Centennial Commission Literary Prize for Epiko (1998); Gantimpalang Collantes, Talaang Ginto for Tula (1994 and 1992); National Book Award (1995); Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for Tula (1992); Carlos Bulosan Award for Tula (1990). As an essayist, he bagged Gantimpalang Collantes, Talaang Ginto for Sanaysay (1996) and Cultural Center of the Philippines Grant for Sanaysay (1994). As a playwright, he was given the Cultural Center of the Philippines Grant for Playwriting (1992). As filmmaker, he got the MOWELFUND Film and Video Grant (1990). As a novelist, he received the Juan C. Laya Award for Best Novel in Filipino (2007) and the National Centennial Commission Literary Prize for the Nobela (1998).
On 30 December 2015, during the 119th Rizal Day celebration, he was recognized by his hometown in Tayabas City for being one of the Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas’ Gawad Pambansang Alagad ni Francisco Balagtas (2015).
He collaborated with Elmer Borlongan who created letras y figuras using iPad in his poetry collection Rizalpabeto (The Center for Art, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development, 2012).
In his Kayumanggi (UST Publishing House, 2011), Vim’s poems are turned into wearable art by Lorina Javier, photographed by Dominique James, set into music by Fer Edilo, designed by by Mannet Villariba, and translated by Arvin Mangohig, Vic Nierva, and Francis Quina. Digital artist and photographer Pinggot Zulueta and layout artist Albert Gamos helped him come up with his poetry anthology Asinta: Mga Tula at Tudla (UST Publishing House, 2002). In 2008, composer Paul Val Peña turned some of those poems into songs in the compact disc Katoto.
His novel [H]ISTORYADOR[A] (UP Press, 2006) and epic Mujer Indigena (UP Press, 2000) placed second in the Centennial Literary Prize in 1998. In 1994, two of his poetry books were nominated to the National Book Award but his 15 Lamang (De La Salle University Press, 1994) was luckier than his ALIT: Dalit Galit Halit Malit Ngalit Palit Salit (Anvil Publishing House, 1994).
His masteral thesis was published as Poetreat: The Use of Poetry as a Therapy in Mutual Support Groups of Cancer Survivors in Metro Manila (UST Publishing House, 2006). His dissertation was concluded with his poems about rice put together as songs by alternative music icon Joey Ayala and other respected artists who joined forces in the CD called Palay, Bigas, Kanin.
He, too, is a performer. On 12 June 1998, through the partnership of the National Centennial Commission and UMPIL, he directed, produced, and performed in his biggest and best performance poetry project ever — the literary gathering entitled (KA)LAKARAN: Sentenaryo ng mga Makata ng Bayan — wherein the performance artists played the role of their favorite Filipino heroes at Glorietta.
As a performance artist, he represented the Philippines in art festivals in South Korea (2013), Germany (2013), Thailand (2012 and 2006), United States (2011), Japan (2010), Singapore (2008 and 2002), Taiwan (2007, 2006, and 2001), and Malaysia (2001 and 2000).
As a lakandiwa, he is the V in the Balagtasan team – MTV — with M or Mike Coroza and T or Teo Antonio who were invited here and abroad, particularly to the Filipino American Book Festival 1 and 2 at the San Francisco Library and the Union City Hall, both in California, and at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York.
He was a delegate to the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival on 23 October 2014 as the Godfather in Khavn de la Cruz’s indie film Ruined Hearts.
Chosen by the Cultural Center of the Philippines, he is the Festival Director of the international litfest Performatura: Performance Literature Festival in 2015, 2017, and 2019.

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