Niles Jordan Breis is a Palanca award-winning poet and essayist, with two first prizes in 2003 and 2012.He was declared as Makata ng Taon in 1994 by the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino and was voted Best Writing Fellow of the 1996 UP National Writing Workshop  in Davao.Some of his writing accolades include that of winning in the 1996 Rizal International Poetry Contest,2000 Asia-Playwriting Contest and the Writer of the Year in the 2012 NCCA- Premio Arejola and in Gawad Literaturang Bikolnon.
Breis finished his Philosophy as summa cum laude in St Francis de Sales Major Seminary and went to St Alphonsus for his theological studies.He also studied Human Resource and Training Development at Ateneo CCE and he also served as dean of Mount St Aloysius College Seminary.He was also sent to Ireland and UK as fellow in Philosophy and was once a member of the Asian Association of Catholic Philosophers. A 2018 Writing Fellow of the UPNWW  of UP ICW of UP Diliman, he is currently an Organizational Development Consultant in selected marketing firms and healthcare institutions.
Breis is the author of the poetry collection,rubrica and other three books and two forthcoming works this 2018.

  • Ampon ng Kadiliman (2018)
  • Lapridarga (2018)
  • Fatima (2014)
  • Rubrica (2013)
  • Giromdoma (2011)
  • Happy Horse (2008)