Payag Habagatan: New Writings from the South, a countercanonical literary journal of contemporary literatures from the southern Philippines, is now open for contributions to its Special Issue on Transgender Writings and Art.
The issue editor, award-winning transwoman poet and photographer Arian Tejano of Surigao del Sur and Dumaguete City, is looking for the following transgender-themed works of literary and visual arts by Filipinx trans and trans allies:
1. Poetry written for the page or for performance (2 to 4 poems, no more than 80 lines each);
2. Fiction such as short stories, a chapter from a novel, or flash fiction (200 to 5000 words);
3. Creative nonfiction or literary essays such as nonfiction memoir, travel writing, personal essay, literary journalism, lyric essay, cultural critique, and other hybridized forms, or micro-essays (200 to 5000 words);
4. Drama such as one-act play, short screenplay, or an excerpt from a full-length play or screenplay (up to 30 pages);
5. Reviews of books, plays, and films (1000 to 2500 words);
6. Critical essays in Philippine literature and art (2000 to 4000 words);
7. Digital photography (2 to 8 digital pieces with captions, maximum of 50 words each);
8. Painting, comics, sketches, illustrations, graphic design, and typography (2 to 8 digital or scanned copies with caption, maximum of 50 words each);
9. Author/artist interview (1500 to 3000 words);
10. Diary and journal entries (600 to 2000 words);
11. Activists’ manifestos from trans rights and allied groups (500 to 1500 words).
A response to the invisibility of transgender writings in the country, this special issue aims to disrupt the literary landscape by allowing new, emerging, and transgressive voices, not only those voices we want to hear, but those voices that can shape the realities and write the histories we live by. We celebrate these muted narratives that can empower and affirm the missing answers hiding for so long in the secret lives of the (trans)gendered Other.
This issue seeks freedom of expression from voices and talents that are silenced or have not been known.
Literary works in English and in Binisaya are welcome. Those written in other Philippine languages must be accompanied with a translation to either English or Binisaya.
Send manuscripts (in MS Word format) and/or artworks (in JPEG/PNG format) to [email protected] with the subject heading “PH Trans issue” before 30 October 2018. Include full name, home address, mobile number, and a short bionote in English in the email’s body.
The issue will be published as a zine and will be sold in zine/chapbook fests and small press expos in the country. The profit will be divided among the contributors and the editor. Copyright of the individual works remain with their respective artists and authors.
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“Payag Habagatan: New Writings from the South” and the “Libulan: Binisaya Anthology of Queer Literature” are publications of the Libulan Queer Collective, a network of LGBTQIA+ writers from the southern Philippines.
Arian Tejano earned her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines-Mindanao. She was also a fellow at the Davao Writers Workshop. A poet and a photographer, she balances her time between Tandag, Surigao del Sur and Dumaguete, and occasionally travels around Asia for love and self-exploration. In 2015, her poem “When A Lady Boy Loves A Foreign Man” won first prize at “The Other Side” poetry contest of Hong Kong-based Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. She is a marketing analyst by profession.
Alton Melvar Dapanas & R Joseph Dazo
General Editors