Deadline for submissions: March 25, 2019
Festival dates: June 14-15, 2019
Location: Quezon City
Would you like to be part of a festival for books? Do you have a unique idea for a book-related conversation? Is there an activity you would like to help us organize for fellow book lovers and industry players?
The National Book Development Board (NBDB), the government agency mandated to develop and support the Philippine book industry, is spearheading the 10th cycle of the Philippine International Literary Festival (PILF). The event is a landmark project of the NBDB that celebrates literature and promotes best practices through discourse on issues, opportunities, and trends shaping the book industry. This year, we are holding the festival in Quezon City on June 14-15, 2019.
Last year, we launched a call for proposals for talks, panels, and workshops. The response was remarkably positive. We had the chance to hear from various stakeholders and feature some of their ideas as full-blown festival activities. Their participation was a great contribution to the success of the 9th PILF. This year, we would love to hear from more book industry stakeholders. Let us know your ideas for the 10th celebration of the festival.
For the 10th PILF, we are looking into featuring three (3) main tracks for the sessions: education, professional, and general readership. Target participants or audience are book lovers, students, teachers, writers, illustrators, book designers, librarians, publishers, editors, translators, and cultural workers.
We welcome submissions from individuals and organizations. A submission may be one (1) of two (2) kinds: 1) one (1) with a general idea or more for activities, session topics, and/or names of speakers/sharers you would like to see or meet during the festival or 2) a proposal for a festival activity you would like to be part of as a speaker or sharer. All submissions will be reviewed by the NBDB and some will be developed as activities for the 10th PILF.
Submission guidelines:
• Submissions with general ideas may be at least 100 words.
• Submissions with proposals for papers, panels, talks, workshops, and other festival activities must include an abstract (200-250 words) written in a style that is accessible to a variety of readers, including the general public. The session may be in Filipino or English. Abstracts must be submitted in English or be accompanied by an English translation.
• Proposals must indicate your chosen type of presentation (e.g. paper, panel, talk, workshop, film), its duration, and target audience. Some talks and paper presentations may be merged by the NBDB in one (1) session depending on the topic.
• Proposals for panels must include a panel abstract and paper abstracts.
• Proposals for workshops must include a 3- to 4-sentence summary for the session and target output.
• All proposals from presenters/sharers must be submitted by filling out this form:
• General ideas for the festival may be submitted by filling out this form:
All successful applicants will receive priority registration to the festival and complimentary luncheons. Each presenter is responsible for their handouts and other materials required for their session. The same is true for their travel and accommodations although the NBDB is willing to provide recommendations on organizations or government sector partners that could help applicants shoulder these costs.
The deadline for submissions is March 25, 2019 (Monday). Formal notice of acceptance of proposals will be emailed from April 8 to 12, 2019.
For further information, please contact Ms. Debbie Nieto or Ms. Alexandria dela Paz at [email protected] or at (632) 929 3887 loc. 804.
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