Katitikan published the second issue of its online literary journal last February 29, 2020. With the theme “Places and Spaces,” it contained literary works in English, Filipino, and Binisaya (Cebuano).

“It is hoped that in offering a closer look at how all the authors of this issue understand the idea of space and place that we are able to present an insightful means of recognizing the constant challenge of returning to place-making in the projects presented within this issue,” Katitikan editor Thomas Leonard Shaw said in his introduction “Looking at Space and Place: The Navigation of Meaning Making.”

Katitikan, a Cebuano translation of literature, is the online literary journal of the Philippine South. It features literary works of contemporary Filipino writers from different parts of the country.

This issue of Katitikan contains 31 literary works from 25 Filipino young writers. The second issue is now available online: Katitikan Issue 2: Places and Spaces

(Website Link: https://katitikan.com/issue-2/)

The call for submissions for its first special issue on LGBTQ will be this March 2020.