Locked Down, Lit Up: An Anthology of Creative Work in a Time of Quarantine

The Department of Arts and Communication of the University of the Philippines Manila’s College of Arts and Sciences supports the college’s endeavors to foster an environment that is conducive to creativity, whether in the context of literary arts or visual work.

Creative work is usually championed in times of plenty. We aim to continue this championing even in these turbulent times. In the midst of CoViD-19 and its resulting quarantine and lockdown, creative work can very well be the balm that soothes many a tired spirit, one that may later heal a suffering nation. This anthology is envisioned to be the demonstration of an indomitable spirit, a tribute to the frontliners who keep the motor of this world running.

To this end, the Department invites contributors to submit literary work (poems, short stories, and essays) and visual work (drawings, cartoons, paintings, and photographs) related to the overarching theme of the present public health situation in the Philippines.

While there is no word limit for poems, there will be a 7500-word limit for short stories and a 5000-word limit for essays. The literary works may be in English or Filipino. Works in regional languages will be accepted provided that an English translation will accompany the piece. Submissions must be in a DOCx file using Times New Roman. Visual artwork are to be submitted in a size no smaller than 8.5 X 11 inches at a minimum of 500 dpi and in uncompressed tiff format. Photographs on the other hand must be submitted in both RAW format and TIFF.

Along with the submission, a brief profile detailing the institutional affiliation, academic background, and creative interests of the contributor is also required. While all contributors retain responsibility for issues of copyright, they also retain copyright to their own work upon publication.

All submissions undergo a double-blind review process. The deadline for submissions is on May 31, 2020. Decisions will be communicated to individual contributors no later than July 15, 2020. Accepted submissions will be printed in either a volume published by a reputable academic press or the Department’s in-house journal, The Reflective Practitioner. Paintings must be submitted physically to the Department of Arts and Communication, Rizal Hall Room 305, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila, Padre Faura Street, 1000 Manila. On the other hand, literary and photographic submissions may be sent to [email protected] We look forward to your kind support.

Jose V OGATIS I, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Philippine Arts
Chadwick Co SY SU, Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication and Philippine Arts