An Educator, a poet, a translator, an entrepreneur

She graduated Bachelor’s Degree in Kindergarten Education at Harris Memorial College, Manila Philippines in 1986.

She is an international poet, author, and translator simultaneously.

She is born in San Agustin Iba, Zambales, the Philippines on the 5th of April 1966.

Her father’s name is Teodorico Dolojan Soriano and her mother’s name is Ligaya Pagdanganan Soriano.

She manages a Joint Venture business of a local and foreign company.

She is handling the multi-wings of her devotion aptly.

She is one of the most celebrated newborn authors in International Poetry groups. His area of special interest covers poetry, translation and reciting poetry. She composed poems in English, Filipino and Sambal her dialect.

She believes that Christianity must be a way of life and not a religion.

She has served as a full-time License Deaconess of the United Methodist Church for almost 20 years of her life.

She is a Professional License, an overly dedicated Teacher for many years. She serves for more than 25 years up to this date as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees of this outreach and mission school in her village which she pioneered and led its establishment from1991 with registered named Lucio Abrigo Memorial Learning Center, Inc. without any financial benefit and currently the School Director of the same school without taking a salary.

From June 1986 to December 2003, she served as a volunteer Licensed Radio Broadcaster, daily radio co-host, programmer, program producer over radio DWRF 1458 kHz of Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) in Amungan, Iba, Zambales, Philippines. Her radio program focused on family matters.

She is a member of China Poetry Network and China Writer Network. 

A Board of Directors of International Atunis in Belgium and International Vice President of Jara Foundation Nepal.

Every Saturday, she is reciting her poems both in English and in Spanish translations over Internet Radio in Mexico Vision Universal poetry Radio program “VOCES Y PLUMAS DE UNAMOS AL MUNDO CON LA POESIA”. She gives a beautiful rendition of her poems and other poets’ compositions.

The Institution of the European Roma Studies and Research into Crimes Against Humanity and International Law- Belgrade of the Republic of Serbia with regards to April 8th, the International Roma Day, and based on the decision of the Executive Board of the Institute of February 23rd, 2020, decided on March 8th, 2020 to Award her Doctor Honoris Causa Honorary Doctorate in Literature.

On February 26, 2020, Professor Dr. Aziz Mountassir the ambassador and Founder President of International Forum Creativity and Humanity (I.F.C.H.) registered under the Ministry of Interior the Kingdom of Morocco awarded her an Honorary Doctorate Ph.D. for her efforts in the humanitarian and cultural spheres and of the people of the delegations and tender and a Certificate of Excellence on the Celebration of Women’s Month, 2020, for her efforts in the humanitarian, cultural and creative field a title given to ideal Arab leadership woman. 

On September 29, 2018, she was chosen to be one of the top speakers for the International Humanitarian Conference held at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana Africa.

Published Works:

  • Eden Blooms 1 Collection of Primary Poems
  • Eden Blooms 1 in Bilingual English & Telugu
  • Symphony of Souls Eden Blooms 2
  • Eden Poems in Bilingual English & Hindi Language
  • Eden Poems in Bilingual English & Serbian Language
  • Published 29 Filipino Poems for 29 days in the month of February 2020

        Published Translation works

  1. “Ang Dakilang Kahon ng Vermillion” (The Casket of Vermilion) an epic book of the great and famous Indian Thoracic surgeon, Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad of Hyderabad, India -Published in India
  2. “Umaambon ng Sikat ng Araw” (Sun Shower) 108 Zen Poems of Zen Master Krishna Prasai of Nepal, Published in Amazon by Evince Publishing.
  3. “Kapanahunan ng Basura” (Era of Junk) an epic book of a famous Vietnamese poet and author Mai Van Phan of Vietnam about to be published by the Vietnam Association of Writers, Vietnam.
  4. Kung Paano Lumaki ang Kambal”, (How the Twins Grow) true stories written by a famous Serbian Poet, Dr. Milutin Djurickovic of Serbia to be published in Serbia.
  5. Translations of Poems by different poets around the World.

 Krishna Prasai – Nepal

  1. Ang Dalagang taga Seoul 
  2. Ang Lindol

Agron Shele- Belgium

  1. Aking Paraluman (My Muse)

Aziz Mountassir -Morocco

1. Ang Aking Tula- (My Poems)

Nizar Sartawi -Jordan

Ang Awiting Bedouin- (The Bedouin Song) 

Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay- India

  1. Ina (Mother)
  2. Korona 19 (Corona -19)

Dr. Ezhil Vendhan- India

1. Ang Puno Ng Banyan (The Banyan Tree)

Alicja Kuberska -Poland

  1. Bukang-Liwayway (The Day Break)
  2. Magnanakaw ng mga Panaginip (Thief of Dreams)
  3. Ang Isla Ng Kaligayahan (The island of Happiness)
  4. Sa Susunod na Taglagas (Sometime in Autumn)
  5. Sa susunod na Pagkakataon (The Next Chance)
  6. Huwag Mong Sunugin ang mga kandila (Do not burn the candles)

Narsing Bongu Rao- India

  1. Paglalakbay- (Travel)
  2. Ilang hakbang pa ang natira? (How many steps have left)
  3. Tahimik ang Kalupaan (Silent Earth)
  4. Noon- (Long Ago)
  5. Isang Mundo (One World)
  6. Ng Akoy maglakad sa kakahuyan (When I walk on open ground)
  7. Akin ngang tinipon (Been Collecting)
  8. Ng aking salingin (When I touch…)
  9. Napakaraming bagay… (There are innumerable…)
  10. Lalaki at Babae (Man and Woman)

Helena Mazur Norwak- UK

  1. Ang Pugad (The Nest)
  2. Mga Salita ay Katulad ng espada (Words like a sword)
  3. Sandali Lamang (Just a moment, please)
  4. Ang Pinagmulan ng Pag-ibig (The Source of Love)
  5. Mga Sunflower (Sunflowers)
  6. Sa Isang Baso ng Alak (In a Glass of wine)
  7. Mga Bulong (Whispers)
  8. Tag-araw na Muli (Summer Came Again)
  9. Kahapon (Yesterday)
  10. Panibagong Bukas ang Darating (Another Dawn will come)
  11. Ang Buhay ay Isang Regalo (Life is a Gift)
  12. Nagugulumihanang mga Puso (Dilemmas of the heart)
  13. Tila Magkakatulad ang mga Araw (All Days Seem The same)
  14. Ang Babae (The woman)

   Mai Văn Phấn. – Vietnam

  • (Spring)
  1. Unang Umaga ng Bagong Taon (First Morning of New Year’s)
  2. Araw ng Bagong Taon- (New Years’ Day)
  3. Pagpili ng Sopa (Choosing A Sofa)
  4. Nakalilimot sa panonood ng pagpatak ng ambon (Getting lost watching the Drizzle)
  5. Ani (Crop)
  6. Ang Bato sa ilalaim ng inaagusan ng tubig (The Rock inside the stream bed)
  7. Ang Bulaklak sa Bundok ng Yên Tử (*). (The Flower of Mount Yên Tử(*)
  8. Isinulat ko ang aking nakita sa “Great Wall” (Notes Taken at the Great Wall)
  9. Mula sa aming Tahanan (From Our Home)
  10. 10.Palayong lumisan ang Kaluluwa (The Soul Flew Away…)
  11. Pagkakaiba-iba sa Gabing-Maulan (Variations on a Rainy Night)
  12. Tangan kita sa’king Bibig (Holding You in My Mouth)
  13.  Sunong ang Palanggana (Carrying the Water Basin)
  14. Pag-alalay sa bisita sa labas ng Eskinita (Accompanying the Guest Out of the Alley)
  15. Narinig ko ang tinig mo sa Telepono (Hearing You on the Phone)
  16.  Matang Nakapikit (Closed Eyes)
  17. Kapanahunan ng mga Bulaklak na Plum (The Season of Plum Flower)

Featured Cover of the 1st Album of Foreign Poets published under the Influence of Chinese Poetry in China. Bestowed upon her several international recognition and awards from the different International Poetry groups and events.

1st Holder of Goodwill Ambassador for Waheed Center Humanity and Humanitarian Development Center (WCHHD) in Ghana Africa

International Ambassador for Humanity bestowed the International Forum for Creativity under the License of the Ministry Interior in the Kingdom of Morocco and the 8 global Peace and Humanitarian organizations.

Certificate of Excellence bestowed upon her by MEWADEV LAUREL AWARD 2019 CONTEMPORARY Literary Society of Amlor Banda U.P. India

She is an appointed AMBASSADOR of HUMANITY 2019 by the Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW) and Waheed Center Humanity and Humanitarian Development Center (WCHHD) founder Dr. Waheed Musah of Ghana Africa.

The World Institute of Peace (WIP) bestowed upon her International Honorary Awardee as WORLD ICON OF PEACE & PROTOTYPE OF CANDOR, PC 2019.

Her poems are published in several International Anthology books, online/printed magazines and newspapers such as the:

  • AMARAVATI POETIC PRISM 2019 Andra Pradesh, India
  • *Pinoy (Tagalog Poem)
  • *Maen a-say Maestra (Sambal dialect)
  • Anthology for Gender Inequality 2020 (Selected 40 Best Poems from across the Globe)
  • Co-author of an Amazon No1. Best Selling Poetry Book titled Break The silence: An International Anthology of Poems Against Domestic Violence – Trinidad, 2020, 
  • Nava Nepal Times February 2020 Kathmandu Nepal, translated by Krishna Prasai
  • Haiphong weekend Newspaper, Vietnam, February 13, 2020, translated in the Vietnamese language by the famous poet Mai van Phan.
  • World Healing World Peace 2020, USA, 
  • World Peacemakers Focus International Book-India January 2020, 
  • Gender Disparity Anthology Book, 2020
  • World Peace Anthology Book –Mexico
  • 12th Guntur Anthology Book 2019- India
  • FM 30 Winter magazine 2019/2020 by Rose books in USA, 
  • Our Poetry Archive February, April 2020 Online Magazine V-5N-1I, Vol.VI-1(OPA), 
  • Azahar Revista Poetica- Online Magazine Enero, Marso, Abril, 2020,
  •  Amaravati Poetic Prism Book, 2019 Hyderabad India,
  •  Atunis Galaxy Anthology Book,2019, Belgium
  • Different Truths Anthology on Autism Awareness Book 2019, India
  • Microrelato Club Literario” Versos desde el Pilcomayo” Los Reyes De La Tertulla” anthology book, Bolivia 2019”.

On June –August 2018 issue- Department of Education featured her poem titled “May Isang Guro” (Once There Was a Teacher) in DEPED ZAMBALES JOURNAL, Philippines.

Her poems can also be read @


Paano Lumaki ang Kambal




Kapanahunan ng Basura


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