© Jeffrey G. Delfin

For God so loved the world
He gave us his only son Jesus Christ
Even though we are not worthy of his sacrifice
He offers his life to redeem us from our sins
No doubt that God loves us ever since

For God so loved the world
He serves us light so we can walk the in the world of sadness
Truly we can always hold on to his promises
That one day we can all be triumphant from this turbulent world
Because we have Jesus Christ, our mighty stronghold

For God so loved the world
We may have experienced unfortunate circumstances
Calamities, War, Diseases, God helps us to endure life’s hindrances
He is always there in every step that we take
He always guides us in everything that we make

For God so loved the world
Trying to fix the pieces of this broken world
Igniting the fire in our hearts that once cold
We have to spread the love to every human
After all, we are all created as one

If we just believe in our God Almighty
We will not perish; will live throughout eternity
Someday we will see each other in God’s kingdom
Staying forever in God’s loving arms