The Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing is calling for contributions of PUBLISHED FILIPINIANA LITERATURE. These include previously published books and ZINES.

Collected works will be curated in a free access online library that will be launched in June. Through this digital library, the UP ICW aims to work with local writers to address the unavailability of many Filipiniana works due to libraries becoming inaccessible because of pandemic safety measures. With your help, we want to give Filipinos access to reading materials made by Filipinos for Filipinos.

Here are the guidelines for submission:

  1. Interested contributors should submit their manuscript in PDF format. The UP ICW will be watermarking each submission to indicate terms of use (to be negotiated with the contributor depending on material, e.g. for exclusive distribution, free and open access, requiring permission to reproduce, etc.).
  2. Contributors should also submit a short project description and indicate the genre, language, and subcategories/themes attached to their work.
  3. Authors with existing biographical profiles on the website will have their profiles hyperlinked to their names on the website. Those who have not yet submitted their profile to will have to send in their photo with dimensions of at least 600×600 pixels, and a 150- to 500-word bio note. This will be uploaded on the website and then linked to their name as with the existing author profiles.
  4. Manuscripts and requirements should be submitted to the UP ICW through [email protected] with the subject heading
    FOL_Name_Title of Mss_Genre, Language
  5. Upon receipt of the files, the UP ICW will send out a contract detailing the terms of use of the manuscript that the contributor must fill out and sign. Negotiations regarding distribution may be made at this point.

For questions and concerns, you may message through our Facebook page or via email at [email protected]

We are looking forward to everyone’s contributions. Stay tuned for updates on this digital Filipiniana library. Keep safe!