Firie Jill T. Ramos writes poems(siday), fiction/susumaton, and children’s stories in Waray. She won the 2019 NCCA Writers Prize for the Novel in Waray.

Firie’s poems have appeared in Nomads Literary Journal ( Bomba Press, 2015) ; Lunop: Haiyan Voices and Images (NCCA , 2015 ) ; Tingog Nanay ( Bathalad Press, 2016) ; Memories of Water (Ateneo de Naga, 2016) ; Tinalunay: Hinugpong nga Panurat nga Winaray (UP Press, 2017 ); Sustaining the Archipelago, An Anthology of Philippine Ecopoetry (UST Press) ; Cha: An Asian Literary Journal ( July, 2017); Pinili (KATIG 2018) and Philippine Graphic (August 11, 2019 issue ).

Her children’s stories are An Karag nga Mumo (The Wasted Grain of Rice) ( Save the Children, 2014) and An Pagbalhin ha Tagpuro (The Move to Tagpuro) ( LNU, 2015) .

She lives in Tacloban City.