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As libraries continue to be inaccessible due to COVID19, the people’s access to reading materials remains limited. This is especially true for Filipiniana selections which are prized for their cultural and intellectual value, but are largely unavailable now because many have not yet been digitized and opened for online access.

Through the Freelipiniana Online Library, the LIKHAAN: UP Institute of Creative Writing aims to collect and upload Filipiniana works to allow readers to consume these local texts from the safety of their homes, be they for leisure or research. We want to encourage literacy and make education accessible even while the pandemic limits many of our essential activities.

This online library curates published literary works volunteered by Filipino writers and publishers. With their help, this digital archive gives Filipinos free access to reading materials made by Filipinos for Filipinos. These include full-length books, like novels, poetry collections, and anthologies, and zines.

The Freelipiniana Online Library is divided into six sections: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Drama, Graphic Literature, and Children’s Literature. Visitors of the archive can see the latest entries from each genre on the main directory, while the full list of readings may be viewed on the designated pages for each section. For easier browsing, each entry is tagged with the language, genre, and subcategories, if any, of the literary works. Users may use the search bar to find works by author, genre, and subcategory.

Uploaded works may be read on the website, with some available for download. While these materials are accessible, they cannot be printed, reproduced, or sold without permission from the author/owner.

Readers–students, educators, parents, learners—we hope you find books that will help you grow, heal, and move forward through this pandemic. The library is still small, but we look forward to gathering and offering you more titles for more free learning. Education doesn’t have to be unsafe for it to continue.

Writers, we at the LIKHAAN: UP Institute of Creative Writing thank each one of you that contributed your works and made opening this online archive possible. Through this partnership, we will continue to share more and more Filipiniana literature. Those who wish to send in their published works, you may review the following guidelines:

  1. Interested contributors should submit their manuscript in PDF format. The UP ICW will be watermarking each submission to indicate terms of use (to be negotiated with the contributor depending on material, e.g. for exclusive distribution, free and open access, requiring permission to reproduce, etc.).
  2. Contributors should also submit a short project description and indicate the genre, language, and subcategories/themes attached to their work.
  3. Authors with existing biographical profiles on the website will have their profiles hyperlinked to their names on the website. Those who have not yet submitted their profile to will have to send in their photo with dimensions of at least 600×600 pixels, and a 150- to 500-word bio note. This will be uploaded on the website and then linked to their name as with the existing author profiles.
  4. Manuscripts and requirements should be submitted to the UP ICW through [email protected] with the subject heading

FOL_Name_Title of Mss_Genre, Language

  1. Upon receipt of the files, the UP ICW will send out a contract detailing the terms of use of the manuscript that the contributor must fill out and sign. Negotiations regarding distribution may be made at this point.

For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the archives or any of our other projects, you may send us an email at [email protected] or message us through our Facebook page.

This opening of the Freelipiniana Online Library is only the beginning as we continue efforts to make education and literature accessible as safely as possible. Para sa malayang pagbabasa sa gitna ng pandemya!