ni Firie Jill Ramos

In February 2018, the KATIG Writers Network Inc. celebrated the National Arts Month with a month-long series of activities held in Leyte, Samar, Biliran, and Capul. 

The Merkado Sinirangan Zine Festival held on February 20, 2018. Its goal was to print the works of writers in the region and sold them at a minimal cost. KATIG selected works from different writers and published them in zines, which were then sold at various schools all over the region. The zines accompanied the regional touring poetry performance troop in dubbed Kaliding han Siday. The poems performed in the Kaliding han Siday were included in the different zines printed.

KATIG regularly prints zines to provide a publishing venue for works in the Mother Tongue, which has limited access in the traditional publishing platform. KATIG believes that nurturing and sustaining the vigor of writing in Waray means that we need to feed our Waray readers with printed material.