submitted by Randy Nobleza

Redoubling History, making Marindukanon Local History accessible to more readers and new-age cultural researchers

“History of Marinduque” is the shared title of a couple of books with two different authors who happen to be both Boakenyo and Marindukanon, Perfecto Mirafuente and Ramon Madrigal more than half a century ago. Being part of the internally-funded research, “Marindukanon Local History and Cultural Literacy Dictionary” project, this present labor of love would come out with other platforms. With the lack of a robust Freedom of Information law, FOI is keeping truth-seekers from getting access. Since both of the books by two eminent cultural personalities, we’re making a common effort from the heirs and family of Mirafuente and Madrigal along with the Don Luis Hidalgo Memorial School library hub, Casa Real municipal library, provincial library and the MSC Library and Learning Resource Center to make the books public domain and shareable to the new generation of cultural warriors, educators and advocates.

Reading and reviewing both books is like looking at a mirror and taking a voyage down the rabbit hole. Madrigal’s book with 253 pages is both repetition and different with Mirafuente’s own with 283 pages. Madrigal has detailed accounts of different battles in the province throughout Spanish, American and Japanese periods. While Mirafuente has devoted quite a number of pages on the mineral deposits and prospecting in Marinduque. Likewise, both allotted much about local culture and practices like Moriones, Tubong and the Tagalog language.

It would be a shame if libraries in the capital town of Boac would not a have a copy of the books. Both has origins account and place-names of the old towns along with the prominent churches of Marinduque. It would be interesting to peek at the Gen Z’s take on Marindukanon Local History with both books as reference and starting point.

Watch-out for the multi-volume “Marindukanon Cultural Literacy Dictionary” for the next reiteration of Marindukanon Cultural and Arts Studies in time for the upcoming Marinduque Centennial by 2020.

Dr. Randy T. Nobleza
Marindukanon Local History Project Co-Leader
Marindukanon Cultural and Arts Studies Coordinator
Marinduque State College