by Silakbo PH

Cathartic is Silakbo’s first foray into creating an art and mental health publication from 2017. Our vision has always been rooted in art for catharsis and self-expression in the context of mental health awareness- whether that be through a poem, a picture, a playlist, or anything else in between. In this issue, you will see visual art and creative writing that inquires into our inner worlds. You’ll find notes from someone reflecting upon her darkest moments; thoughts that couldn’t be expressed because of the ever-present mental health stigma; a daughter articulating what she’s been aching to tell her mother about bipolar disorder; feelings and episodes put into perspective by photography and illustration; and praise for journaling as a coping mechanism.

Year: 2017
Genre: Anthology
Subcategories: Nonfiction, Illustration, Photography
Language(s): English, Filipino