by The Time of Assassins Literary Guild

OPEN FIRE is an open-theme work, inspired by the need to write while juggling with a 9-5 profession.

Each story is dark and diverse in its own accord, but from a brighter angle, the five pieces are grounded to the reality of everyday life: the grind and grip; the light and darkness of the streets; and to the extent when the shadows seem forever in a night—rays of the sun ceremoniously lift the whole collection, concluding in a heartwarming note.

The first story, “The Mourning Star” shows the bleakness of a religious community, showcasing further a sinister tale hidden in the facets of ruined churches. “Court of Rats” follows up with a glimpse over people in frail and poor condition, with the stillness of life intersecting in. It prides with a subtle postmodern approach, discussing the narrative with different authors and their works.

“Lightless” discusses the unsung and unjust conflicts underneath everyday life and relationships, and shows how these are in fact, intergenerational. It strikes the question of what action must be taken upon by the observer.

The fourth one can be the most relatable. “What Prowls in Alabang” lends the reader the point-of-view of a nightshift-BPO worker, ambivalently played with crude categorizations, until the sunrise hits the sky and the morning finds the story.

The last story, Travel Experience in Bicol,” comes at the end of the dark spectrum as a work of comedy and wit. It reflects a man dazed with multiple and heavy workloads, only to find solace in loss and simple ties.