The LIKHAAN UP Institute of Creative Writing is now open to contributions from poets for GANAP: Literatura at Musika sa Gitna ng Pandemya. For the upcoming fourth episode, the theme is “siyudad.” As with previous episodes, chosen contributors will read their poems and share their own insights on quarantine.

Through this open call, LIKHAAN hopes to encourage the exchange of ideas and literature, to promote local talent whether they are old or new, and to foster a community despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic.

The guidelines for contribution are as follows:

  1. Contributors are expected to send in a video of 5-7 minutes including the following: – Short introduction about the poems, and thoughts during and about the lockdown (2-3 minutes)
    – Reading of 1-3 poems (Ideally around 5 minutes)
  2. Transcriptions of the poems to be read are to be submitted in .DOC format.
  3. Submitted pieces may be old or new.
  4. The chosen poems must fit the theme “siyudad.” This can pertain to experiences in the city or insights about it. The works can be old or new as long as they fit the theme. Poems can be standalones or parts of a suite.
  5. Include a profile photo and a short, one-paragraph bionote in your submission. This will be used for introduction and event collaterals.
  6. Send the entry via email to [email protected] with the following subject:
  7. The deadline for contributions to the fourth episode is on September 4, 2020.

Chosen contributors will have their works aired in the next GANAP episode to be released in September. They will also receive a modest stipend.

To ensure that the contributed videos look best on the stream, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Make sure you have enough lighting. 
  2. Avoid low-angle framing. Position the camera on eye-level as much as possible. You can place your device/laptop on top of books or boxes if needed.
  3. Landscape orientation is preferred. Use a laptop or turn your mobile device on its side for a wider, more relaxed frame.
  4. Make sure the audio is clear. Choose a quiet area and speak audibly, or you may opt to use a microphone or earphones with an attached mic. Avoid unnecessary noises that may disrupt the performance. If you have a fan on, please make sure it is not directly facing you (or your mic).
  5. Check that your background is neat/uncluttered, and/or appropriate to your performance.
  6. Clothing is entirely up to your creative choice. Generally, for the camera, it is advisable to avoid prints and stripes as this adds to visual noise. But if this is part of your performance or is non-negotiable, there is no need to compromise.
  7. We encourage you to practice your creative freedom. You are free to use instruments or other materials for your creative performance. 

While we are accepting contributions only for the fourth episode for now, we aim to continue this artistic exchange in future episodes. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email us at [email protected] or message us via our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing the words you will share with us and the audience. See you on the next episode of GANAP, and stay safe always!