Nathaniel Toriano Dela Cruz is a 40-something writer from Malabon, inspired by his boyhood summer experiences in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Sports a shaved head; bearded, tattoed, and wearing a pair of 50mm ear plugs – it is hard to miss him from the crowd.

Suffers from anxiety attacks. Dislikes closed spaces, which triggers his anxiety. Husband to graphic artist Sue and father to Kalis Luna.

Enjoys watering plants in the afternoon. And watching grey clouds bring soft rain, so long as it doesn’t cause flooding.

Formidable inebriate. Chronic daydreamer. Talks to himself a lot.

Refuses to write things down, confident his memory will never fail him. He forgets a lot of things because of this. The most frustrating, for him, is forgetting story ideas.

Currently, he is working on speculative fiction combining Philippine history and Philippine mythology.

He is a fellow of the 3rd Cavite Young Writers Workshop, his first-ever experience in formal training in literary writing.