by Rizalyn Magno and Allan Robert Mascareñas

In celebration of National Literature Month last April, the Marinduque State College Culture and Arts (MSCCA) Unit provided learning toolkit for the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education regional office for distribution to their respective divisions and SUCs in Mimaropa. Through the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) subsistence grant, MSCCA was able to reproduce CD recordings, DVD video, booklets and hard bound copies of publication. The MSCCA learning package includes: Obrang Sining Kathang Isip and Saling Awit Saling Tula CD; Siklab Society E-performance and SineMarinduke with Tanghal Marinduke DVD; History of Marinduque excerpts, Malikhain and Balangaw Literary Folio and Kuwento ni Lolo Kiko booklets; and  Pecha Kucha MarinduQuezon: 400 heritage items of Quezon and 100 heritage items of Marinduque.

Local folk musician and compositor Oscar Loreto is behind the audio recording “Obrang Sining Kathang Isip” is made of five original songs about island life and resilience. The OSKI cd features the tracks: Tinig ng Pulo, Lalawigan, Daang Paraiso,  Tagaytay and Tuba plus the new rendition of Marinduque March by Jovan Magyaya, a secondary education student and member of Siklab Society.

Meanwhile, the English Society in collaboration with Litera Club put up a recording of their translation project funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). “Saling Awit, Saling Tula” includes folk songs from the town of Gasan: Alamat ng dalawang puting gansa, Dalagang parang, isang buong dayap, lahat ng bagay and Sulong aking tandang. It also includes spoken word version from the anthology of local poet Joseph Saguid: Kung piano pa maaaring maunawaan ang diyos, Unang Gabi, tanawin, Anting Bulating and Biglang Awa. The last segment of Saling Awit, Saling Tula is an excerpt from Pasyon by a local pasyon readers from Brgy. Bangbangalon, Boac, Marinduque. The performers of Pasyon were already featured in Himig ng Panata in 2018 alongside with counterparts from Bulacan, Bicol, Iloilo and Pampanga.

On the other hand, MSCCA produced DVD recordings of Siklab Society e-performance of their centennial concert last February 2020 and a new set of live recordings in February this year which was featured during the CCP Tuloy po Kayo multi-art online festival. Then as part of the Kalinga ng Sining: Arts for Healing and Transformation, MSCCA also live-streamed SineMarinduke and Tanghal Marinduke through September 2020. SineMarinduke gathered local filmmakers like Joseph Israel Laban, Raiza Masculino and Aizel Lacdao. While Tanghal Marinduke assembled thespians, stage directors and dramaturg such as Danny Ledesma Mandia, Bryan Viray and Rex Sandro Nepomuceno.

In addition, MSCCA complied several booklets like History of Marinduque excerpts which was published in Freelipiniana Online Library of The said publication was a centennial research output which included Cultural History by Perfecto Mirafuente and History of Marinduque Chapter 3 and 4 by Ramon Madrigal. Likewise, the 2018 Literary Folio of MSC Litera Club and English Society: Malikhain and Balangaw was also included in‘s Freelipiniana collection.  Both were part of the anthology of literary output of AB English students from 2009-2018 under the course English 327: creative writing. Finally, a longtime waiting for Francisco Labay’s “Kuwento ni Lolo Kiko.”  The booklet is about the Battle of Paye and Battle of Pulang Lupa, the force and tenacity of Filipino spirit.

To round-up the MSCCA learning toolkit is a couple of output from the School of Graduate Education and Professional Studies (SGEPS) with the EdM01: Basic Foreign Language. The SGEPS graduate students came up with a tribute to the Quadricentennial  of the Tayabas and the centennial of Marinduque. The coined term MarinduQuezon for the anthology was presented in Pecha Kucha style which boasts of heritage items from Quezon and Marinduque in preparation to this year’s 500 years of Victory and Humanity in Battle of Mactan and Christianity in the archipelago.

The same set of MSCCA learning packages were also given to Library Hubs in Marinduque, MSC branches in Torrijos, Santa Cruz, Gasan and Mogpog along with several LGU in the province with ongoing cultural mapping projects. MSCCA hopes to produce more materials for local libraries and virtual museums in the region.


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