Dinaluhan  ng humugit-kumulang  844 kalahok mula sa 13 Dibisyon ng Rehiyon 5 ang idinaos na Webinar sa Ortograpiyang Pambansa at […]
by Josephine May Grace Famoso This research article is a literary analysis of a Filipino work. The work covers the […]
Josephine May Grace Famoso is a literary enthusiast and critic. She is an experienced Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history […]
by Rizalyn Magno and Allan Robert Mascareñas In celebration of National Literature Month last April, the Marinduque State College Culture […]
Filipino children are off for a great adventure this summer as the European Union Delegation to the Philippines mounts the […]
The 5th Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio Writers Workshop (ALBWW) is back on track! It will be held online from July 26-31, 2021. […]
The Department of English and Comparative Literature is proud to present a special issue of the Journal of English Studies and […]
Holding a creative writing workshop online has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the continuing pandemic and its adverse effects […]
As the overall policy-making, coordinating, and funding agency for the preservation, development, and promotion of Philippine arts and culture, the […]
It is Viva Europa time once again! Allow us to ignite the fire and passion in your hearts as the […]