16 September 2021 (Singapore) – Back for the fourth year running, the annual Southeast Asian Poetry Writing Month (SEAPoWriMo) will hold a virtual closing party on 18 September 2021 from 8.00pm to 10.00pm SGT and everyone is invited. To join the post-event celebrations, guests can RSVP to the closing party and sign up to read their poem at: tinyurl.com/SEAPWM21closing.

Proudly presented by Singapore non-profit arts organisation Sing Lit Station, this year’s edition challenged participants to write a poem a day and brought together 11 countries in shared appreciation of poetry, defying borders through the power of verse.

During the SEAPoWriMo challenge, participants across the region were invited by moderators to respond to daily writing prompts and post their poems in the SEAPoWriMo Facebook Group.

Moderators included Bhavna Khemlani and Morgan Pryce from Thailand, Bryan Thao Worra from Laos, May Chong and See Tshiung Han from Malaysia, Mikael Johani and Ratri Ninditya from Indonesia, and many more. 

The prompts also provided participants with the opportunity to learn about various Southeast Asian poetic forms. 

Karisa Poedjirahardjo, Programmes Manager at Sing Lit Station remarked, “The first time I learned about Kakate, a Khmer poetic form, and Raay, a Thai poetic form, was from Phina So and Bhavna Khemlani’s prompts in 2019. I know our participants this year enjoyed the cultural exchange as much as I did.”

Charlene Shepherdson, Station Control at Sing Lit Station, shared, “This community is more than anonymous posts and profile pictures, some of us have known each other online for a few years now. We wanted a chance to hang out, listen to poetry, and bring our communities together. After nearly two years of such tumultuous times, a bit of fun is welcome in all our lives.” 

No matter where in the world you may be, delve into Southeast Asia’s rich literary landscape with SEAPoWriMo via https://tinyurl.com/seapwm.

The closing virtual party is free admission, however guests are welcome to make donations to support the literary community through Sing Lit Station. See giving.sg/singlit-station/2021.


Photo by Tony Wu

South East Asian Poetry Writing Month (SEAPoWriMo) is an annual writing challenge that celebrates the Southeast Asian literary spirit. Every day from 5 to 15 September, a moderator will unveil a writing prompt in the Facebook group. Be it from friends in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste or Vietnam, our regional community is swirling with stories waiting to be teased out with metaphors and rhymes. To join, post your poems responding to the daily prompts, look out for bonus challenges, and bask in our region’s literary culture by reading others’ work.

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5 -15 September 2021

SEAPoWriMo Closing Party

To wrap things up, join us on Saturday, 18 September 2021 for the SEAPoWriMo closing party and open mic. After 11 poetry challenges from moderators across Southeast Asia, it’s time to gather with fellow writers to celebrate your work! RSVP to the closing party and sign up to read your poem at: tinyurl.com/SEAPWM21closing

UTC +6:30 | 6:3pm  – 8:30pm | Yangon, Myanmar
UTC +7 | 7.00pm – 9.00pm | Bangkok, Thailand • Hanoi, Vietnam • Jakarta, Indonesia • Phnom Penh, Cambodia • Vientiane, Laos |
UTC +8 | 8.00pm – 10.00pm | Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Manila, Philippines • Singapore, Singapore
UTC+ 9 | 9.00pm – 11.00pm | Dili, Timor-Leste

Price: Free admission (Donations via giving.sg/singlit-station/2021 are always more than welcome)