Bookshelf PH, a local publishing house and online bookstore that also operates an audiobook platform called Audiophile, proudly announces the signing of renowned global master coach and international best-selling author Myke Celis for an upcoming book.

Helping people to become their #bestmeever—this is what Myke Celis aims to achieve with both his lifestyle coaching and writing. As a coach, he shows his clients how they can gain clarity amid hardships, overcome limiting beliefs, accomplish their biggest goals, and ultimately tap into their authentic selves or their inner “unicorn.” These teachings are equally conveyed in his published series centered around his #bestmeever hashtag. His first two books, Best Me Ever: Of Moving On and Forward and Best Me Ever: Of Positivity and Possibilities, became certified bestsellers in National Bookstore branches nationwide. The books contain inspiring messages and thought-provoking musings which help readers to cope with the ups and downs of life.

In 2020, Celis proceeded to launch two more books called Best Me Ever: A Self-Discovery Workbook to Heal Your Past, Accept Your Present and Find Yourself Again and Best Me Ever Powerful Questions To Know Yourself: Understand Yourself Better And Be Your Best Self, both of which became certified international best sellers on Amazon. In these interactive books, readers are presented with worksheets which serve as a guide on their journey to better understand themselves and become the best person they ought to be.

And now, as the newest addition to the Bookshelf PH family, Celis plans to release a new book that sheds light on how readers can manifest their #bestmeever in the digital world. The book will broach different online topics and concerns such as how to do proper presentations, strike respectful conversations, avoid unpleasant situations, and more.

Sam Balinado, the marketing project manager of said book, is especially thrilled to be working with Celis.

“These uncertain times can cause people to feel lost and unsure about where their life is headed. Nowadays, many people are attempting to navigate the digital realm to get some sense of normalcy back. This is why it’s such a blessing to have Myke Celis onboard. With the profound experiences and wisdom he has accumulated in life, readers can look forward to a book that will offer them the help that they need to find and establish themselves online,” said Balinado.

Celis also expressed his excitement about the partnership as he believes that he shares the same vision as Bookshelf PH.

“Bookshelf PH and I both aspire to nurture self-empowerment within people, which will allow them to make informed decisions and positively maneuver their life. With this partnership, I hope to expand my horizons and help more people to embrace their inner unicorns and become their own #bestmeever,” said Celis.


Bookshelf PH aims to promote great Filipino books, eBooks, and Audiobooks in fiction and non-fiction. The goal is to produce a rich Filipino literature that will contribute to individual empowerment, and in the aggregate, nation-building. At the core of these aspirations is the belief that the surest and simplest path to personal and professional growth is through reading.


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