Learning and our pursuit of our dreams continue in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Still, the shift in learning environments and the challenges of day-to-day survival have understandably made academic endeavors much more difficult. As part of our effort to assist students of creative writing, we are opening applications for the 2022 Likhaan Scholarship. The scholarship is open to creative writing students of the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Writing at home is a familiar scene for creative writers. Access to digital archives have made the work-from-home setup viable, but there are still issues that hinder the writing process. Valuable readings or research material may be locked behind paid subscriptions. The home may not be as conducive due to various social and personal factors. Students may also feel anxiety over the enduring health concerns brought about by COVID19. Then there are matters of basic needs, such as having food to eat for the week.

For these issues and more, cash assistance can help them acquire the necessary supplies for their survival and consequently, their academic pursuits. The Likhaan Scholarship aims to sustain chosen scholars until the end of their studies. Each recipient will be awarded Fifty Thousand Pesos (50000 PhP) each. It is co-sponsored by the Likhaan Foundation and the Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing (UP ICW).

The Likhaan Foundation is a non-stock, nonprofit organization that supports the various literary undertakings of the UP ICW. Founded in 1998, Likhaan also aims to encourage a greater interest in, and appreciation for, the written word in all its forms and thereby boost recognition of the significance of the literary arts in contributing to Philippine culture. The foundation awarded its inaugural scholarships in 2018.

Below are the guidelines for qualification:

I. Qualified Recipients

The student must be enrolled at the University of the Philippines Diliman. There will be a total of two (2) recipients for the Likhaan Scholarship—one (1) for the Undergraduate Category, and one (1) for the Graduate (Masters) Category.

For the Undergraduate Category, the applicants should comply with the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be a student of the Associate in Arts (Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino), BA (Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino), or BA (Creative Writing) program of UP Diliman
  2. Minimum of 60 completed academic units (junior standing)
  3. General Weighted Average of 1.75 in his/her Malikhaing Pagsulat/ Creative Writing

For the Graduate (Masters) Category, the applicants should comply with the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be a student of the MA (Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino), or MA (Creative Writing) program of UP Diliman
  2. Must have passed his/her thesis proposal defense

Qualified applicants must submit a referral letter from one of their former professors verifying their abilities in the field and their determination to finish the degree. Applicants must also secure proof of units completed and a True Copy of Grades (TCG) (for undergraduate) or successful proposal defense (for graduate students) from their corresponding offices of the College of Arts and letters. Address the letter to Dr. Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr., Director of the ICW.

Send in applications with complete requirements via email at [email protected] with the following subject line:

Likhaan Scholarship_2022_(BA/MA)(MP/CW)(Surname, First Name)

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2022.

II. Duties and Responsibilities of the Likhaan Scholars

  1. For the Undergraduate Category, the scholars should have a GWA of at least 1.75 in his/her Creative Writing Subjects for two semesters and one Midyear term upon receiving the scholarship. He/she is also expected to submit a notarized Report of Expenses (ROE) to the Likhaan: UP Insitute of Creative Writing upon finishing the one-year period.
  2. For the Graduate Category, a proof of successful thesis defense and a printed copy of the thesis are expected to be submitted to the UP ICW. The thesis is expected to be completed one year after receiving the scholarship. A notarized ROE is also required after the one-year period.
  3. For either category, the scholar is expected to assist the Likhaan Foundation with its fundraising projects and other related relief events. These include poetry events such as Wordello (https://www.facebook.com/therealwordello/) and Peeping Tom Salon, which will be organized in accordance with current pandemic precautions. The scholar is expected to contribute by helping with promotions and participating or performing in such events.
  4. Requests for extensions may be sent to the UP ICW, for deliberation and approval.

Awardees of the Likhaan Scholarship will be announced during the Second Semester of Academic Year 2022 (February 2022).

We want to assure these writers that they and their work are important, especially in these challenging times. We hope that through the support of the Likhaan Scholarship, these students can finish what they started.