We are happy to announce that the Likhaan journals from 2021 are now available for download. We have the 15th volume of the Likhaan Journal of Contemporary Literature, and the special issues Dx Machina 3 and 4.  

We hope you take the time to enjoy and gain insight from these works. The pandemic continues, but so does the writing that keeps us connected with our conditions.

Below are the links for download:

Likhaan 15:


Dx Machina 3:


Dx Machina 4:


The journals are also available for viewing on the UPD portal:


Happy reading and have a great week ahead!




The Philippines’ leading literary peer-reviewed journal, the Likhaan Journal is published annually with funding from the University of the Philippines. It features the best of new and unpublished Philippine writing in English and Filipino. Submissions to the journal undergo a pre-screening and double-blind refereeing process by both the editors and a panel of referees composed of eminent writers and critics from within and outside UP.


Dx Machina: Literature in the Time of COVID-19 is a literary anthology that collects the narratives written about and during the pandemic.

Some turned to writing for comfort and catharsis, some used it to speak up about the injustices brought about by the pandemic, and some wrote to tell the world that they are still alive. There are also those who took to social media to voice out their concerns. All these kinds of writing are valid and contribute to the bigger picture: the Filipino experience of the COVID-19 global crisis.

We hope that the Dx Machina anthology gives readers a substantial view on how the pandemic has affected Filipino lives not just on a healthcare perspective, but also on social, economic, political, and personal levels.