Gillian Reyes

I cannot believe that I am cramming yet again. Final edits. Final edits. Here I am, almost done. Word count almost there. Almost there. Almost! Okay, done with the paper part. Quick edits. Edits. This parts need to be… nevermind! And here it is. It is 11:57PM and I am saving the file. 


Was it supposed to be PDF? I have no time for this. No time to edit. No time to reconstruct. I know that this is good enough. Never mind subject-verb agreement. Workshop will handle that.

Dear Prof,

Attached in this email is my submission to your requirement.



Sent. Yes, with one minute to spare. I cannot believe it but I am almost finished with this sem. I have a lot more to do, but it can wait. The deadline is not yet for another day, another one minute before deadline.

I have achieved one of the virtues of a UP student: submitting just before the deadline. The world is so chaotic and a bad paper is small compared to all things in the universe. Probably my professor is tired as well. We all are, after all.

I’m still wide awake from all the coffee. Should I start with the next requirement? I still have a lot of energy. But those requirements aren’t due till tomorrow. One minute before midnight.

I am already tired. But at least I’m finally done with one subject. Due tomorrow, do tomorrow. Motto for life!

Wait, did my prof reply? Did she receive my email? Oh no.

Oh no.

There’s no attachment.

It’s 12:03AM.

Oh no.


Dear Prof,
I’m sorry but I haven’t seem to have attached my paper. I hope you still consider it.




Waiting. Waiting. Response:

Dear Student,

It’s fine. It’s a pandemic. Be kind.