by Alfred Viaña, LGU Mansalay;Anna Bungabong, MSC BAC intern

Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro – The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) – LGU Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro had the CULTURAL MAPPING PROJECT – OUTPUT TURN-OVER CEREMONY OF THE LOCAL CULTURE PROFILE yesterday, April 12 during the Lenten week.

The NCCA has established the Cultural Mapping Program to help LGUs identify and account their cultural properties under Republic Act 10066 or the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009. This objectifies to identify and consolidate local culture profile and generate baseline data for cultural statistics, as well as to recommend mechanisms to integrate profiles and baseline statistics in LGU development plans, programs, and activities.The Output Turn-over Ceremony happened this afternoon facilitated by Tourism, Culture and Arts Office Staff, LGU headed by our Municipal Mayor Ferdinand M. Maliwanag represented by Engr. Alexis A. Diama (Municipal Administrator).

According to the Summary and Recommendations of the said Local Culture Profile, through a grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Local Cultural Profile of Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro was begun and manifested in 2021 under the direction of its Local Chief Executive Hon. Maliwanag, Ferdinand. By September 23, the scoping was completed in the same year as the social preparedness.The NCCA facilitators Denise Aguilar, Von Hopper Ferrer, and Randy Nobleza pushed through the actual training of local mappers from October 4 to 8, with more than 100 target elements.Natural disasters, obtaining free and prior informed consent, and changes with the local mapping team were among the challenges faced by the local mapping team.Despite this, the Mansalay Mapping Team was able to target 104 cultural items and aspects, with at least 78 of these being certified by both internal and external validators. 

The NCCA Executive Director – Hon. Oscar G. Casaysay delivered his message of appreciation for our LGU for the conduct and completion of the project. Present also in the gathering were the NCCA Facilitators: Von Hopper Ferrer and Randy Nobleza with Prince John Catumber, Mr. Florentino Rodil(MLGOO), Department Heads, representatives, and personnel.

The local cultural profile was completed and turned over to NCCA and the LGU of Mansalay. In general, the work of the local mapping team and the validators is commendable. Given the uncertainties, the cultural mapping process have began the cycle of sowing seeds that the future generations would be able to reap the fruits.