A change in leadership is at hand. With it comes a great opportunity to look at flaws in our ever-evolving economic system and address them. It is the perfect time to stimulate conversations and inform policy-making and business strategies beyond the next six years, well into the age of sustainability. 

In partnership with the UP Press, the Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing is launching the 11th Interdisciplinary Book Forum, featuring the book “Strategy in the New Age of Capitalism: Collaborative and Inclusive Approaches to Value Creation”, written by Niceto S. Poblador. The forum will be held in a purely online format on May 6 (Friday), 3-5PM.

Competition is the long-standing norm in the current economic system. Profits of the organization are prioritized, with strategies revolving around finding the most efficient and lucrative methods to outperform opponents and lead an industry. This has created a long chain of issues, from low wages and contractualization to unethical sourcing and environmental damage. 

Strategy in the New Age of Capitalism proposes instead a collaborative approach. With this strategy, all stakeholders from the beginning and end of the supply chain—from the workers to the customers—will be included. Creating value for each stakeholder will maximize benefits for the entire production line, and ultimately, encourage a culture where our most precious resource, the environment, is taken care of as it supports the success of not one, but all organizations. 

Economist Romeo Bernardo praises the book: “An outstanding tour de force—and a clean sweep—of the challenges facing Western capitalism today, considers the implications for business and the rest of society, and explores ways by which business can pursue its traditional strategic objectives while at the same time serving the material needs of its customers, workers, its business partners, and the rest of the community.” 

A collaborative business strategy works best with participation from different professions. For the discussion, we have assembled a panel comprising experts from various disciplines: Dr. Mahar Mangahas for the perspective of social development, Mr. Alvin Buenaventura for arts and culture, Ms. Leih Maruss Sinsay for policy research, and Dr. Raul Pertierra for social sciences. The forum will be moderated by Mr. Jio Villanueva of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. 

Join us on May 6, 3PM for the 11th Interdisciplinary Book Forum. We hope the coming conversation helps Filipinos see a clearer picture of a sustainable Philippines as we enter a new age.



Lifted from the foreword:

Strategy in the New Age of Capitalism: Collaborative and Inclusive Approaches to Value Creation is an eclectic effort to integrate various concepts, theories, insights, and paradigms from the disciplines of microeconomics, organizational behavior, institutional economics, and strategic management in one coherent and understandable volume. It attempts to build the case for economic value maximization as an alternative to the longstanding firm objective of profit or shareholder wealth maximization. The book develops the theory, evidence, and analysis in support of this alternative firm strategy which advocates inclusiveness because economic value created will be shared with the other stakeholders of the firm—workers, customers, suppliers, distributors, and the community where the firm is an integral part. The residual value that accrues to the shareholders of the firm will be consequently maximized. The shared goal of protecting and preserving the environment provides the incentive for collaboration, rather than competition, among firms.

The book will also have its official launch on the following dates:

May 5 – co-hosted by the office of the UP VP for Academic Affairs and UP Mindanao School of Management

May 13 – hosted by the Social Weather Stations


The IBF is held once every semester to provide an academic venue in which to realize the imperative for dialogue and intellectual engagement across the various disciplines. In keeping with public safety protocols, the forum has been moved to an online platform.