A “Joint Seminar on Local Heritage Preservation” will be held on June 1-3, 2022. The objective of these programs is to appreciate local heritage and take steps to ensure its preservation for future generation. The said confab is expecting participants from the Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education, Bachelor of Culture, Arts Education along with the Institute of Arts and Social Sciences and Institute of Accounting, Business and Tourism. There will be 100 participants from GDCE Batch 1; GDCE Batch 2, GDCE prospective teacher-scholars; BSTM 3rd and 4th year students; BCAED 1st and 2nd year students; IASS and IABT faculty members; and Provincial and Municipal Tourism Officers.

It will happen in MSC’s main audio-visual room. It will have seven sessions. In session1, the topic is National Local Heritage Policies and the speakers are Alvin Alcid and Jonathan Balsamo. In session 2, there is a workshop with Jonathan Balsamo. In session 3, the topic is Best Practice of Local Studies Center and the speakers are Dr. Lino Dizon and Prof. Michael Angelo Doblado for the workshop. In session 5, the topic is Best Practice of Local Historical societies. The speakers are Dr. Emmanuel Calairo and Dr. Jose Andres Diaz. In session 6, it will have a workshop output, and the last was 7, presentation of workshop output, and the last was a whole-day educational tour of Marinduque Heritage Sites.

Anna Marie Bungabong
SWK Intern