Mogpog, Marinduque – In celebration of the platinum anniversary of Marinduque State College last June 21, the Book Nook Marinduque completed eight sessions of a summer arts workshop from May to June 2022. In  collaboration with local schools of Mogpog for the “Hibla Local Filipina.” The Summer Arts Workshop for the Children ages 8-15 years old, a storytelling session was done by the trainers, after which the students illustrated their interpretation based on the book. This project helped the youngsters improve their artistic abilities, and cognitive abilities, learn about their culture, and much more.

Other corollary activities of the platinum foundation of MSC apart from the Book Nook Marinduque “Hibla Local Filipina” Summer Art Workshop from May 30 to June 21 at the MSC Extramural Study Center in Brgy. Capayang, Mogpog, Marinduque, a joint-seminar and conversation on conservation. The Joint-Seminar of the Marinduque Studies Center with the Cavite Studies Center carried out last June 1-3 with the technical assistance of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). There was also a Conversation on Conservation with Ar. Maynard Muhi, Ar. Roy Manrique, Ar. Marjonier Malabanan, Ar. Giles Sol and Ar. Beda Magturo.  Marinduque State College is celebrating its 70th foundation year this 2022, since its inception as Marinduque School of Arts and Trades (MSAT) from 1952-1983, Marinduque Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) from 1983-1992 before being the Marinduque State College from 1992-2019 transitioning to Marinduque State University (MarSU) from 2019 onwards with the passage of RA 11334.

The first session of the Hibla Local Filipina: Summer Art Workshop, was storytelling by Mam Melanie Malinao. The second session of the workshop is a continuation of the narration about the legends of the barangays in various parts of Marinduque, and Mam Lanie allowed the children to illustrate their learnings about the stories. Sir. Gerardo Lacdao handled the third session of the workshop, which was a drawing session in which he taught the students the basic shapes used in drawing. The fourth workshop session facilitated by Sir Gerry was a painting session attended by 28 children from several Mogpog schools. The children were able to demonstrate their painting abilities with the assistance of their facilitator. Sir Dennis Ibahan facilitated the fifth workshop session, which is about illustration using the computer media. The students were given the task of creating digital art, such as posters, flyers, photo-painting, and so on, using a computer. Sir Dench facilitated the sixth and final workshop session on animation. Animation is a process of sketching and compiling images frame by frame so that each picture can display movement.

During the Summer Workshop Session, The Book Nook Marinduque and Hibla Local Filipina were able to achieve their goal of “promoting cultural knowledge by reading Filipino books.” Through the storytelling session, children from Marinduque learned the stories of their barangays and interpreted those stories into a variety of art, both digital and visual. Overall, the Book Nook Marinduque and Hibla Local Filipina Summer Workshop Session is a successful project.-Seiji Sugimoto, MSC FEU SWK apprentice with images from BN Marinduque interns