by Joelo Balan At thirty-two degrees temperature, an adolescent boy strips and plunges the Sarangani Bay sans diving equipment as […]
by Vincen Gregory Yu My father’s eyes, wide open, glistened like black buttons. Doll’s eyes, my mother called them: a […]
by Lakan Uhay Alegre In Cinco Apartment, Burayan, Tacloban City—third house—is the son. The son is half-awake;  he forces himself […]
by Leo Baltar I never set foot in our home for six months. It was my own choice. I moved […]
by Earl Carlo Guevarra I wake up to my old Android smartphone’s harsh alarm. The time showed 3:40 a.m. The […]
by Hanz Daniel Cortez I wonder what it’s like to meet two versions of myself: one from the past, and […]
Khristian Ross P. Pimentel When I wrote my bucket list before 2020, I wrote at least 20 items. But living […]
Charlene P. Salaysay Their murmurs are getting loud. A static noise kept seeping through my ears—annoying. Their movements came in […]
Floriane T. Taruc “Grief wrapped around her, eating at her heart.”Homer, The Odyssey I set out into the breaking dawn […]
Lakan Uhay Alegre In memoriam of Ed Alegre, my Tatay We never quite say goodbye, you wrote; I read, from […]