by Elaissa Bautista 1 I was asked to describe the smell of love without using words of smell. I did […]
by Lawrence Diasnes El Niño If you ask me how goes the summer, picture everything bleached under the sun’s discriminating […]
Ramil Adrian R. Fariñas I. Cubao: Pagsapit ng Umaga Hot comes the ease, the still sleepy streets filled by the […]
Dolly Ann Mina From a Different Color It was probably his eyes? Or the way we were magnetized? Keeping our […]
Vincen Gregory Yu White boy with periwinkle hair.  White teeth, wide eyes.  White boy whose cheeks  my father caught me […]
Raphael Luis Salise
Jeydah Mari Cawed It’s Raining Mens, Hallelujah I did not give birth, but I birthed to blood that Gushed out […]
News of the Jonel Nuezca Case Rendered in Stream-of-Consciousness Form Robin Angelo Yankin The irreversible happened not too long ago, […]