by Ivan Jon Gentolizo It’s been a few days since my used-to-be estranged father became the laughingstock of social media, […]
by Larissa Maia Reyes The old coffee shop is an afterthought. The only reason I had been allowed to go […]
by Alfonso Divinagracia In his letters to the sorceress Antavara, Micah made it clear that he only wanted to learn […]
by LJ Famatigan It was a cold winter night in the dilapidated wooden house on the outskirts of Barrio  Sagada. […]
by Jessa Samson I am not what most people would call a religious person. In fact, by age 12 I […]
by Marion Carlet Pascasio “Get up, Doy.”  I heard people screaming outside. I stood up, the bamboo eaves creaking like […]
Robin Angelo Yankin I wrote short stories in my spare time between studies. I never wrote any standard cookie-cutter pieces, […]
Hanz Daniel Cortez “Can you keep a secret?” She turned her gaze towards me. “I need to know you ca-” […]
Monica Felizardo The dinosaur was still there.  Blinking blearily at the white screen, the black and white pixelated dinosaur stares […]
Khristian Ross Pimentel Loneliness was killing me. It had been a year and a half since Ed and I broke […]