© Jeffrey G. Delfin For God so loved the world He gave us his only son Jesus Christ Even though […]
© Jeffrey G. Delfin We are living in a chaotic world anger and hatred are living in our hearts our […]
Manuel Ortega Abis I. Cleansing Cleanse: Verb [with object] – Make (something, specially the skin) thoroughly clean. Noun – A […]
Sagada mountains Green is the color of mourning: a young woman brushing her hair, posed on a stool on top […]
by Arvin Mangohig   1. Love in the Time of Martial Law I want you to save me and be […]
  Forget about the shotgun, Your father’s gone. Kid, let’s have some fun. I’ll give you a dime to make […]
10.   In some cultures, clocks are stopped when there’s a death in the family.   My wristwatch insists on […]
myself parceling thoughts into paragraphs to be mailed, as if he had already left. One: after three flights of stairs, […]
“She was coaxing her 2-year-old twin sons to look at one another because, finally, they can….Carl and Clarence had been […]
My friend shows me his diagram, the aftermath of an incident that had occurred this morning, minutes before he chanced […]