EIDR Projects

Beginning in 2016, The ICW has been integrated into UP’s Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program (EIDR) with the project, “Literacy, Literature, and Translation for People Empowerment.” This project is a comprehensive interdisciplinary program what employs literature—through the development of writers, the translation of materials, and the training of teachers—to promote cultural literacy as a means of nation-building and strengthening the Filipino sense of nationhood.

The program has four component projects: 1) writer and teaching training; 2) publications and translation; 3) research and curation; and 4) information dissemination and knowledge sharing.

  1. Writer and teacher training. The holding of creative writing workshops (for both advanced and basic levels), seminars, and conferences across a range of areas and competencies, to encourage, develop, and raise the quality of new writing among both new and practicing writers, as well as the teaching of literature and creative writing; this component also involves the attendance of selected project staff at international conferences involving the promotion of new Philippine writing. This component embodies the UP ICW’s flagship National Writers Workshop, which the University has sponsored for the past 50 years.
  2. Publications and Translation. The publication of literary journals and teaching materials that will be developed to showcase and promote the best of new Philippine writing, both in Filipino and English and in translation from, to, and between other Philippine languages. This component embodies the UP ICW’s flagship Likhaan Journal, which for the past decade has annually collected and presented the cream of the Philippine literary crop.
  3. Research and Curation. The conduct and provision of technical assistance on appropriate research related to oral histories of nationally important authors and of oral literature such as epics and chants and other intangible heritage; and the organization and presentation of these materials in appropriate formats as a digital library collection of Philippine literary experience and excellence. This component embodies the UP ICW’s Akdang Buhay project, a comprehensive video documentation of the lives and works of National Artists for Literature and other leading Filipino authors.
  4. Information Dissemination and Knowledge Sharing. The enhancement and maintenance of an interactive online website that links to the digital library; disseminates information on development opportunities for and events on literacy and literature and translation; serves as a discussion and exchange portal for online communities of practice; and promotes Philippine literary products to as wide and diverse an audience as possible. This component embodies the ICW’s Panitikan.com project, which for the past decade has been an invaluable tool for researchers on Philippine literature and an information gateway for the Philippine literary community. It also includes the UP Interdisciplinary Book Forum, a semestral activity that focuses on a significant book—not only in the field of literature, but also the social sciences and other branches of knowledge—recently published by the UP Press, and which will gather together leading minds from various disciplines to discuss social, political, and other issues generated by the book.