by Joelo Balan At thirty-two degrees temperature, an adolescent boy strips and plunges the Sarangani Bay sans diving equipment as his partner reels in the day’s tuna catch—the fish’s yellow fins and iridescent scales glistening off of his eyes. At eighteen degrees ambient air temperature, office […]
by Vincen Gregory Yu My father’s eyes, wide open, glistened like black buttons. Doll’s eyes, my mother called them: a pair of pearls glued to alien sockets. A week ago, we’d rushed him to the emergency room. He had vomited fresh blood again, barely a day […]
by Lakan Uhay Alegre In Cinco Apartment, Burayan, Tacloban City—third house—is the son. The son is half-awake;  he forces himself to climb the attic where his father writes a last manuscript. The father carries  his son downstairs even if he has gout. Downstairs, the mother cooks […]
by Leo Baltar I never set foot in our home for six months. It was my own choice. I moved out last year and decided to live with a close friend I had known since high school. In a time of a pandemic, it might strike […]
by Earl Carlo Guevarra I wake up to my old Android smartphone’s harsh alarm. The time showed 3:40 a.m. The room was dark, yet I knew I had to wake up my wife for sahur, or she would have headaches throughout the day due to thirst. […]
by Hanz Daniel Cortez I wonder what it’s like to meet two versions of myself: one from the past, and one from the  future.   I imagine we’d sit in the middle of an empty park, sitting around in a circle. In between us is a  wooden […]
Khristian Ross P. Pimentel When I wrote my bucket list before 2020, I wrote at least 20 items. But living in a pandemic is not one of them.  The world has changed drastically the way no one has ever imagined. One day, we were celebrating new […]
Charlene P. Salaysay Their murmurs are getting loud. A static noise kept seeping through my ears—annoying. Their movements came in a blur, time-lapsed but seemed slowed down at the same time. It was sickening, their elated smiles and untuned laughters—disgusting. I don’t understand. I pushed back […]
Floriane T. Taruc “Grief wrapped around her, eating at her heart.”Homer, The Odyssey I set out into the breaking dawn with sprightly strides, swinging my arms parallel to my torso as I breathed in remnants of the moon’s essence. It had rained the night before and […]
Lakan Uhay Alegre In memoriam of Ed Alegre, my Tatay We never quite say goodbye, you wrote; I read, from your book, years later, when I finally mustered enough courage to read the words you left. Years, after I woke up to sight of you— a […]
Jamie Carinal “Literature is defined as books and other written works especially those considered to have creative or artistic merit or lasting value.” Literature serves as a gateway in acknowledging the veracity of life. it also broadens one’s vocabulary level, reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, […]
Earl Carlo Guevarra Waking up to another day in the March summer heat, I hear the sounds of cars and trucks passing by the road. Occasionally, a fire truck passes by, sirens blaring towards unknown destinations. When I look carefully at the passersby, I see people […]