by Vincen Gregory Yu The Angry Christ by Alfonso Ossorio [Image from Ayala Museum Twitter page @ayalamuseum, 22 May 2018]
by Jhio Jan Navarro With windows shut Branches turn to gallows As nylon threads tangle to a noose While I stare out towards the blur of kites Caught in our ancestral acacia. For a time, I saw them shook as if Asphyxiated, struggling for air then […]
by Elaissa Bautista 1 I was asked to describe the smell of love without using words of smell. I did not know how to start because all my love had been craved and made in the comforting stench of my bedroom in my small, honest hometown […]
by Lawrence Diasnes El Niño If you ask me how goes the summer, picture everything bleached under the sun’s discriminating eye, no birds to ruffle the glaring stillness they have evacuated in praise of shadows, or imagine my body dripping warm honey instead, though I refuse […]
Ramil Adrian R. Fariñas I. Cubao: Pagsapit ng Umaga Hot comes the ease, the still sleepy streets filled by the pandesalʼs signal from the oven,  as Cubao closes another Tony Perez retaliation.  Mapping the meanings in Cubao, I tend to know more the why than the […]
Dolly Ann Mina From a Different Color It was probably his eyes? Or the way we were magnetized? Keeping our hands at the back, You kept on leaving traces of yourself, like crumbs or atoms, making me miserable. I had struggled for quite some time. For […]
Vincen Gregory Yu White boy with periwinkle hair.  White teeth, wide eyes.  White boy whose cheeks  my father caught me graze with my lips,  last-ditch effort to perfect  a memory of white skin, white smell  in the gleam of morning.  Don’t be scared, white boy, it […]
Jeydah Mari Cawed It’s Raining Mens, Hallelujah I did not give birth, but I birthed to blood that Gushed out through me monthly No one knew as I sat quietly I got easily tired and was mocked for it If you saw me bleed out would […]
News of the Jonel Nuezca Case Rendered in Stream-of-Consciousness Form Robin Angelo Yankin The irreversible happened not too long ago, and there still remained a dull harrowing clamor of  immolating fury ricocheting away at the fragile consciousness of the nation at the near-calibrated  stillness of Chinese […]