by Ivan Jon Gentolizo It’s been a few days since my used-to-be estranged father became the laughingstock of social media, specifically on that bird application that most people around my age are using. Well, nothing’s new, except that the most recent embarrassment was, by far, the […]
by Larissa Maia Reyes The old coffee shop is an afterthought. The only reason I had been allowed to go out at all was to retrieve paperwork from my old school, and my mother made it specifically clear that I was to head home immediately afterward. […]
by Alfonso Divinagracia In his letters to the sorceress Antavara, Micah made it clear that he only wanted to learn herbology for the sake of the family apothecary. He’d expected to apprentice under a gray-haired intellectual – one who he could respect and maybe even befriend, […]
by LJ Famatigan It was a cold winter night in the dilapidated wooden house on the outskirts of Barrio  Sagada. I could still recall how my mother, who had recently gone home from her work abroad,  welcomed the house with a rather ominous atmosphere. She used […]
by Jessa Samson I am not what most people would call a religious person. In fact, by age 12 I started questioning the merit  of praying when it felt more like a chore than an act of devotion, something that I only did whenever I had  […]
by Marion Carlet Pascasio “Get up, Doy.”  I heard people screaming outside. I stood up, the bamboo eaves creaking like small  frogs behind me. Needle and colored rope still in hand, I peered outside the door. People were  scampering around, staring at the waveless sea.  “We […]
Robin Angelo Yankin I wrote short stories in my spare time between studies. I never wrote any standard cookie-cutter pieces, mind you, and I never wrote down a single word for money (although that would have to change once I turn older). There were, however, three […]
Hanz Daniel Cortez “Can you keep a secret?” She turned her gaze towards me. “I need to know you ca-” “Yes,” I answered immediately. “I can.” Her stern eyes showed passion and frustration building up from the corners of her eyelids. She moves her face closer […]
Monica Felizardo The dinosaur was still there.  Blinking blearily at the white screen, the black and white pixelated dinosaur stares back at him, its tiny mouth frozen in a mocking grin. Rico refreshes the page and still, the dinosaur remains. He sighs and with a nearly […]
Khristian Ross Pimentel Loneliness was killing me. It had been a year and a half since Ed and I broke up. I caught him cheating on me, but I told him it’s okay like cheating is something you scrub out of your body, and things will […]
Gillian Reyes I cannot believe that I am cramming yet again. Final edits. Final edits. Here I am, almost done. Word count almost there. Almost there. Almost! Okay, done with the paper part. Quick edits. Edits. This parts need to be… nevermind! And here it is. […]
Aya Lamadrid “Aren’t you scared?” my friend asked. “Scared of what?” I uttered as I took a sip of my favorite salted caramel milk tea that we ordered. “Of — of the possibility, of living alone? Of not being able to experience love? You know, the […]