Likhaan Foundation Creative Writing Scholarship

Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing offers the Likhaan Foundation Creative Writing Scholarship, through the support of the Likhaan Foundation, to MA Creative Writing students in good academic standing.

The applicant must be at least in their second year of study. Qualified applicants must submit a referral letter from one of their former professors verifying their abilities in the field and their determination to finish the degree.

Applicants will be evaluated based on the basis of their literary merit and financial need. The Likhaan Foundation Scholarship will grant to the successful applicant Php100,000 worth of tuition and combined allowances, covering two full years of schooling.

The scholarship should ideally sustain the student until the completion of their studies. Each semester, the student scholar must submit a report that contains the grades they received from the courses taken. Each semester must at least earn for the student nine (9) units towards the completion of the degree. No underloading is allowed, nor incomplete grades and dropping of subjects.

If the student fails to attain the 9-unit requirement per semester, they must write a letter of explanation to the donor (the Likhaan Foundation) and the Director of the UP Institute of Creative Writing, Dr. Roland B. Tolentino. The request to renew the scholarship shall be deliberated upon by both parties.

The applicant cannot re-apply for the scholarship once the UP ICW and the Likhaan Foundation has found his/her situation not on a par with the qualities of a scholar. The Likhaan Foundation can revoke the support once the student fails to meet the standards set by the scholarship policy.