Response from Fellow Dawn Marfil

Good evening. To our panelists who have taken us through this journey of finding the writers within us, Sir Jimmy, Sir Joey, Mam Luna, Sir Vlad, Mam Jing, Sir Charlson, Amang Jun, Mam Anna, and Sir Roland. And to the panelists who couldn’t make it tonight but gave just as much as they could, Sir Butch, Sir Neil,  Sir Vim, Sir Christian and Sir Bomen, we give to all of your our deepest gratitude.

We were teachers, administrators, corporate employees and doctors who simply wrote but you made us into writers. You took our nonexistent projects, half finished projects, finished but not yet ready projects, abandoned projects and turned them into something real. Tomorrow we will go back to our old lives, but you have irrevocably changed us. We can only hope to make you proud one day. Again in behalf of the writers in English, with as much sweetness, humility and gratitude as this language can lend us. Thank you.

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